Are we winning the battle,but losing the War

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Activist, Capitalism, Politics, Social Issues
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I had to put a post up of how I’m feeling about the present state of the country. Honestly, I feel like the liberal base has a lot to run on for these upcoming mid-term elections,but the either the majority don’t agree or even if democrats have the majority of the public on it’s side we still can’t win because some bills won’t even make it to the house to be heard and are just ignored causing more and more frustration. 58% favored strengthening the laws that cover up the sale of firearms. 75% of Americans and even 58% of Republicans want minimum wage to increase in America according to a Gallup poll. 7 out of 10 Americans think that policies from congressional republicans favor the rich. I mean we see what’s going in our society, but yet in the ratings war among the new channels Fox News blows away other channels like CNN and MSNBC. With shows like The O’ Reilly Factor averaging 2.7 million viewers and the The Kelly File with 2.3 million a night in the month of august shows the conservatives and those who dismiss any type of liberal thinking. I fear that facts and percentages aren’t enough in the war for the modern American spirit. I know we all love American, but some many times I see Americans under attack in the media either for skin color, sex, sexual preference or nationality. We’re winning small battles with facts and reasonable thinking,but losing the war with lack of support.

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