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Whenever I hear about the words peaceful protest and civil disobedience I think of tree hugging hippies that chain themselves to a tractor singing hymns. Answering violence with peace to me never seemed like a good idea. The only example I had to relate to the boycotting of the buses orchestrated by the NAACP and MLK Jr. Martin Luther King Jr was inspired Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy Satyagraha, which means adherence to truth. I am not against civil disobedience as a whole. I just feel that this cannot be the only course of action when you face corrupt governments, dictators, rebel armies, extremists and other psychopaths who would scowl at any measure of trying to make peace without the use of lethal force.


For the most part I get it, using brutality against brutality ends in more bloodshed. Honestly though, after peace talks have failed, strikes that don’t grab anyone’s attention and interventions between the two parties have not and most likely will not agree, it’s no longer a matter acting “civil.” Take for instance back in 2011, in an attempt to overthrow Hosni Mubarak’s 30 year reign, protestors formed mass non-violent demonstrations.  900 of the protestors were killed during these demonstrations.In a twist of irony the Egyptian army who would not open fire on the crowd, which signaled the turn around in the protest that lead to Mubarak’s downfall. The army was not eager to relinquish power and ended up throwing the protestors in jail. Another protest in Libya against the military might of Muammar al-Qaddafi was met with rebellion after the peaceful demonstrations did not work. The turmoil was finally resolved after nine months of bloodshed that resulted in a body count with a range from 10,000 to 30,000 people.

Also in Syria in 2011 the civil war between Alawites, Christians and Drutes  against Assad’s barbarous regime that claimed close to 5,000 citizens a month for 7 months. That’s around 35,000 lives taken and this was supposed to be peaceful protesting. Even in American history, peaceful resistance resulted in lives lost. The Native Americans were forced off their land at gunpoint. After the Supreme Court ruled that they do not own land back in 1823, Native Americans made attempts to stay on their land. President Andrew Jackson enacted The Indian Removal Act, after the Supreme Court (Worcester vs Georgia)upheld their right to stay on the land. Jackson’s motives were,based on his acquirement of gold during the gold rush era. 4,000 Native Americans lost their lives on the Trail of Tears and this shows that even political and judicial victories will never overrule greed, corruption and disregard of human life.


The greatest example that comes to mind for my case, not to abide by civil disobedience is Mahatma Gandhi. He wanted India independence from Britain. He fought to end discrimination and the heavy taxes on his people. During Gandhi’s time in South Africa he witnessed and experience deep seeded racism against himself and his people. This inspired him to rally allies and gather for a rebellion. However, during 1947 riots against Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs resulted in over half a million deaths, which is suspected to be more according to Jens Arup Seip in addition to over 100,000 imprisoned. India eventually gained independence in 1947. The irony in his non violent protests is that Gandhi was not against violence in his own words he argued, Gandhi explains his philosophy and way of life in his autobiography The Story of My Experiments with Truth. Gandhi realized later that this level of nonviolence required incredible faith and courage, which he believed everyone did not possess. He therefore advised that everyone need not keep to nonviolence, especially if it were used as a cover for cowardice, saying, “where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.”

I’m not against peace talks, and strikes I just know the rebellious spirit of the founding fathers still lives in the American spirit. Oppressive forces in this country are the militarized police in place of the British Red Coats. One thing that we need to keep in mind is the insatiable thirst for blood that was inherited from the mother country. It is not in our nature to understand peaceful resolve in my opinion without it being a secondary thought. We fell heir to the predatorial, rapacious,avaricious manner of the plunderers of the villages of our authoritarian rulers. The ones who were more domineering than anyone else.


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So I’m watching one of my favorite shows on late night tv which is the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and there was a segment done about the civil forfeiture abuse in America. That I’ll explain later in this blog, I also, seen a segment on a segment on Real Time with Bill Maher about the military issuing surplus weapons and tanks to the police in small towns. I thought holy shit!!  America is getting scary, when we live in a society that our police need tanks and military weaponry. It wasn’t until I heard about this rampant wave of police brutality that is caught on video. It seems every week a new video goes viral showing someone of color being beaten and even killed.

So let’s talk numbers first before I make my case here. The Huffington Post posted an article at the beginning of the year that indicated only 1% of police brutality reports undergo an investigation in central jersey. Between 2008 and 2012, citizens “filed hundreds of complaints alleging brutality, bias and civil rights violations by officers in more than seven dozen police departments in Central Jersey,” the report reads. SouWhat happens to the other 99 % of the reports? Glad you ask they either exonerated the officers involved, dismiss the complaints as frivolous, determine they need more evidence to help or just leave the cases open until….

That’s only one section of NJ, what about on a national level? The latest stat according to The National Police Misconduct Statistics date back to 2010 which to me are just anachronous and needs to be updated. Out of 4,861 reported police misconduct that implicated 6,613 sworn law enforcement officers and 6,826 alleged victims according to the website. The cases have either been brushed off the Captain’s desk or underreported. So what to the cops have to say about other cops you ask? Again, glad you ask 61% of serious criminal violations that involve abuse of authority by fellow officers are not reported. Probably, because out of the officers that do report these crimes are given the “cold shoulder” 67% of the time. 52% turn the other way when improper police conduct is happening. Last, 25% have witnessed police harassing individuals on race based scenarios.

It’s been no secret that in the African-American community nationwide, there is a distrust towards law enforcement that is taught and passed down through the generations. From a little kid, I was taught to obey the law and comply, comply, comply. Any resistance toward the police results in savage beatings such as Rodney King or worse death. Cases like Sean Bell and Eric Garner among many others are examples of the abuse of power the police wields over minority groups. According to a black man is killed every 28 hours or another way to look at is in the year 2012, 313 black men were killed alone. Another scary stat is that within the last ten years 5,000 US citizens have been killed. This trumps the amount of soldiers killed on the field during the Iraq war.

What laws are enabling the police to act so tyrannically? One law in particular that sanction the search and seizure of belongings and cash without just cause or due process is the civil forfeiture laws. Throughout the country abuse of these laws have led to complaints in several states from citizens who have had their money, possessions taken and property destroyed. The law is trivial, because it places the blame and the burden of proof on the victim instead of the officer with little retribution. Even though the law has been ruled unconstitutional, it hasn’t stopped NYPD from waking up victims like Gerald Bryan in his Bronx home and seizing $4,800 dollars in cash. Oh yeahThey also tore out light fixtures, punched holes in walls, marauded through his belongings. In most cases, those on the lower socioeconomic rarely finds justice because they can’t afford a lawyer for the civil case and it is the police officer’s word against their own. Even though both in 1972, and 2002 a judge ruled this law unconstitutional, the fear of appearing soft on crime has postponed any measure to revamp the laws.

One cause of police officers becoming overwhelmingly forceful may lay in the recruitment process. It seems more and more ex-military who, not been able to make the transition from the uniform to civilian have found solace and jobs and solace in the increasing need law enforcement. On the surface who could argue that this seems like a natural fit. The brave men and women who served our country should have a role protecting our citizens. The security is only peripherally deep and may have far more underlining issues than results. Some military come home with undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder or brain injuries. Also, there is an issue of handle the use of a firearm. On the battlefield a soldier can shoot their enemy with little hesitation or backlash, we understand it’s war people die in war I get it. In society, though, officers have to show restrain and can’t reach for their gun for every posed threat in front of them. I’m not opposed to the idea,but I don’t want my home a war zone with navy seals patrolling schoo,l parks with hair triggers and self-righteous sense of fortitude that justifies reprehensible acts of malfeasance.

In addition to gaining military philosophy, police departments are given military issued weaponry and vehicles such as the Lenco Bearcat G3. So what happens when congress orders more weapons and tanks than they need? Well, that surplus of ammunition goes to the police of course. At least some of it does, by the way, did you know that the US spends over three times more on the military arms than China our closest second place. Among the artillery that is dispersed are M-16 rifles, grenade launchers, silencers, over 200,000 magazine ammunition, camouflage gear, night-vision equipment  and armored cars and aircraft. See how this can turn into a big quagmire and that’s putting it lightly.

The other problem is the increasing number of times a year that police SWAT teams are sent for routine jobs such as inspection of a liquor license in a nightclub in Louisiana back in 2006. In 2010, the SWAT raided barber shops that led to only minor offenses. In Neenah, Wisconsin a town that has a violent crime rate below the national average and a non-existent homicide since 2009 seems to be a new home for SWAT tactical police. Why? In a town less than 25,000 people and a town where you can leave the front door open without fear, so why are these militant type of factions standing guard over them.This is happening in small towns all across the nation.

Wel,l some methods of how crime is detected is under fire as well. Blue CRUSH( Crime Reduction Utilizing Statistical History) is a system use to reduce crime in Memphis,Tennessee by using data collected from cameras throughout the city and compiles and compares data against the maps of the area. Then, officers are assigned to the areas that show the most crime activity in a certain locality. The results have been exceedingly pleasing, murders and robberies both have gone down 36% and vehicle thefts have gone down 55%. In a town where police funding has been cut and splintered, this seems to be the most effective way to distribute officers when and where crime is auguring to be. So why then, if this program seems to be working has funding has been cut from 60 -70% from the 2011-2012 budget. One argument suggests that even, though the budget cuts took away the overtime from these officers the results still show strong numbers. In 2010 43,300 arrests were made, then the funding was reduced and 2011 47,411 arrests were made and the following year 47,700 arrests were made. This has not gone over well with the public as support for the program was fairly high and sweeping it out from under them did not go well.

While programs like Blue Crush seem to be ideal for the dispersion of the police it still doesn’t treat the heart of the police brutality totalitarian regimes that our government is producing and facilitating. Besides public awareness and the power of the video upload what can be done besides viral videos and new media coverage? While it informs the masses, it doesn’t seem to be too preventive or evenprovide protection since Eric Garner died on camera with no help or aid to stop police?

One idea suggested is to have a choice one which police department, we have access to. If you live in an area with several small towns you can call any one of them. If you live in a big city the idea is to break up the department into smaller groups. Other resolutions against police brutality consist of protests, video record them, vote against politicians who tolerate police brutality, work with intermediary groups who are combatants against brutality and legal action. Besides becoming one of the gun-toting vigilantes there really doesn’t seem an approachable solution that seems reasonable.

Until more is done in Washington, we are all potential victims. I’m not disillusioned about what life would be like without the police, nor am I trying to attack those police who are the majority that do their job and chose to face certain death in order to protect those who can’t protect themselves. The dauntlessness of the brave individuals who put on their badge have to face dangers everywhere they go and put themselves and their families at risk of retaliation. For that my gratitude is extended to you. There is no greater service to your country than to protect it and the populace in it. Life without ,police only leads to complete anarchy and the worst parts of Sharia Law enforced. I know this thread of society would unwind fast and completely become the pre Mad Max cataclysm that leads into the barren wastelands and pockets of lawless mutinous folks who govern themselves with little concern of life outside of their circle. My only question is are we heading down this path anyway?

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For a couple of years now I have asked myself some questions about guns that I really hadn’t given a thought to before. What type of person owns a gun? Why do some people feel the need to own a gun and not others? Does owning a gun really make you feel safer? Is there a sigh of relief that owning a gun brings that mace, security alarms, guard dogs, police patrols, self-defense classes, etc. can’t provide? Even though rational argument against guns suggest trusted research that owning a gun makes the owners and family more likely to involved in fatal gun violence than those who don’t own a gun.

The argument for-

Fox News Medical A-Team Dr. Keith Ablow advocates for carrying a gun. He says the right to bear arms is a critical and necessary component of feeling competent and self-ruling as individuals. As opposed to relying on the goodwill of a super powerful unquestionable government. As Thomas Jefferson wrote to his nephew Peter Carr in 1785, “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the Body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind . . . ” The Dr. implies that a population that has ceded it’s power to state, local and federal government gives authority and trust with no question much like a child gives their parents which can be dangerous for the nation as a whole. He makes the comparison that another nation gave this trust and power to the government without question which was Nazi Germany.

Ablow continues with his statement by adding.”A disarmed population is allowed the toxic luxury of feeling as though our way of life and our safety from oppression comes without the tremendous responsibilities and moral complexities of wielding force. The same people who passively pay taxes that put tanks on the streets and fighter jets in the skies over our enemies’ nations can cringe at the idea of owning guns themselves — projecting their survival instincts onto an all-powerful father figure (the state).” “The psychological truth is that every gun privately and legally owned in America is a tiny impediment to the citizenry assuming a docile, nearly delusional perspective that the world will always be predictable, that one’s home and loved ones will always be safe and that government will always tend toward light and never toward darkness.”

The argument opposed

Males are 4 times more likely to own a gun as opposed to females. Also if you are the child of a parent who owned a gun makes it more likely to own a gun as well. Whites are twice as likely to own guns as opposed to non-whites. If you live in a rural area or in the South you are twice as likely to own a gun than if you live in the urban area or the Northeast. It also depends if you have military experience this also makes you more likely to own a gun than someone who doesn’t have military experience. Gun owners in general are 29% – 37% likely to keep guns loaded at home, 49% – 53% keep guns unlocked at home, while 21% – 22% do both. Another study that correlates with gun ownership is heavy use of alcohol which also is associated with high risk firearms behavior.For example keeping guns loaded and unlocked in the home. It seems alcohol consumption seems to be gun ownership and gun-related deaths at home.

Among those who keep handguns 46% say they keep them for personal defense. For those who keep long guns 77% say they keep them for sport. A study indicates that a perceived risk of criminal victimization increases the likelihood of purchasing a gun for self-protection. Perceptibly, both men and women believe that men with guns are more threatening than taller, larger more muscular without guns. Possession of a gun in turn can be used as a self-esteem aggrandizer that increases the intellection of intimidation.

Guns and Suicide

According to statistics the majority of gun deaths in the US is not from homicides, or murders against another person but suicides when an individual takes their own life. In 2011 19,766 committed suicide with a firearm while ONLY 11,101 committed homicides with a firearm according to “Hoyert and Xu’s” National Vital Statistical report. In 2004 the CDC did a survey and published an article for the American Journal of Epidemiology found that gun owners were more likely to use their gun rather than other means to commit suicide like pills. In 1992 the CDC found that those who own guns were five times more likely to commit suicide. On a national scale in 2003 a study found that access to a gun made a person three times more likely to commit suicide than someone without firearms. Suicide is an impulsive act and combined with the fact that 85-90% succeed in killing themselves at a much higher rate than any other method only certifies that owning guns inhabits the suicidal behavior and enables the person to make that wrong last second decision. Israeli Defense Force found that they lowered the suicide rate by 40% among its soldiers by not permitting soldiers to go home with their weapon or keeping it over the weekend.

A study performed in 2009 looked at 677 shootings in Philadelphia and found that those who carried guns were 4.5% more likely to be shot and also 4.2% times more likely to be killed as an unarmed person. Researchers believe it is the sense of empowerment that the gun owner has that leads a person to think rashly and go into dangerous places that they would normally avoid if they did not carry a gun. Perception also plays a part, when a study was done on 600 people they found that images of men holding a gun looked stronger and more powerful than other images such as men holding power drills etc.

Guns and Race

During the 60’s civil rights movement blacks were exercising their constitutional right to carry firearms for use of protection of corrupt cops and extreme white factions. The results unlike today where we are in a isochronism of gridlock where mass shootings are more and more the norm, stricter gun laws were enforced by whites. The Mulford Act was signed by Ronald Reagan who was the governor of California at the time in 1967. This law prohibited carrying firearms in public. Nowadays, stats show that 53% of whites want to own a gun to protect their own while only 24% blacks do. The debate over gun control legislation gets muddled when you add the equation of race to it. Fear of black violence may be one rooted side of the argument against gun control legislation.

It seems the negative stereotypes used against black people(blacks are violent) also fuel the conversation and policies measures related to crime. Examples in the past have been building prisons, death penalties that statistically shows minorities make a disproportionate amount of the population in the facilities and the ones who end up in those deaths. Symbolic racism is a belief structure underpinned by both anti-black and traditional values. The anti-black effect is said to develop during the pre-adult years through exposure to negative black stereotypes to the point that crime and physical violence have become typified as black phenomena.

While the effect may not be deliberate or intentional, but may still result in feelings of fear, anger, unease and hostility towards blacks. Symbolic racism has been linked to opposition to and support for a widespread range of policies that whites associates with blacks: welfare, affirmative action and others. Conservative ideologies and racism seem to go hand in hand. People with higher symbolic racism maybe more likely to own a gun and oppose gun control as a means of dealing with abstract fears regarding blacks. Whites have twice the gun ownership of blacks, oppose gun control to greater extents than, even though whites kill themselves in much higher numbers  than blacks or other minority groups.


In my last part I talked about pollution and the effects of chemical dumping may have had on generations to come to contribute to the escalation of mental illness and mass shootings. My other theory for the motivation behind mass shootings maybe the lack of human compassion. The ability to devalue another human being in order to rationalize the reason why killing them with no remorse is acceptable. We have gotten all to comfortable with placing a label on them such as psychopath/sociopath. What they won’t tell you is similar characteristics of these types of killers share profiles with a small percentage of soldiers, early settlers to the New World, Slave Masters and even CEO’s of corporate America.

Let’s start with soldiers I first must emphasize that this only applies to a small percentage of them and does not reflect in any way on the brave men and women who gave their lives as an ultimate sacrifice. To those I salute and say a prayer for the families. The ones I am talking about are the ones that have enlisted because they want a legally kill and even mutilate people in the name of war. One example of how non-compassionate soldiers can be is when a soldier was interviewed during the 1991 Iraq war. He described waiting to wipe out Iraq soldiers during an ambush was like waiting to kill cockroaches while other compared it to killing turkeys and even sheep that had been let out of the stall. If you can remember back in 2004. The Abu Graib prison scandal where soldiers would pose with dead Afghan that were later published in “Rolling Stone” magazine before the US army censored the remaining material. According to Robert Hare a celebrious psychologist says 1 out of 25 people are psychopaths,but can go through life undetected by society. So if those numbers are true it wouldn’t be a stretch to say these psychopaths could obtain leadership positions in various industries that feed their demented bloodshed cravings.

A post world war II study proposed that 2% of soldiers were aggressive psychopaths who did show remorse or trauma associated with killing. The study also mentioned that these soldiers were an “asset” on the killing fields. The sociopath will exhibit a under controlled aggressive personality type. They have low internal controls against violence and will use quarrelsome behavior unless constrained by outside controls. The military provides ample displacements outlets for this behavior through physical training, field maneuvers and weapon ranges. This adds to my theory that these killers that cause these mass shootings have the same traits and behaviors shown in the low percentages of the US military.

Traits of these psychopaths were evident long before US soldiers. There are cases of early American settlers killing and eating each other. One case in particular took place from 1609-1610 in Jamestown, VA. During that time was a deadly winter where settlers ran out of food and eat mice, dogs, snakes, shoe leather and even the dead. George Percy who a colony leader described this time as ” a time of miseries”. He even wrote about people digging up the dead and eating them when nothing else was available. In one case he commented how he had to stop a man from salting and eating his pregnant wife. Another tried a recipe for his significant know as “powdered wife”. “one amongst the rest did kill his wife, powdered her,  and had eaten her before it was known…….”Now she was better roasted, boiled of carbonado’d (BBQed) , I know not, but such a dish such as powdered wife I never heard of. One case of cannibalism involves a 14-year-old girl where her body was dismembered including chops to the front and back of the head. Scientists confirmed the dismemberment of the body and then the removal of the tissue to eat. The settlers even tried to open the skull since at that time animal and human brains and also facial tissue were desired meats.

One thing I feel brought out the most sadistic, despicable, psychopathic ways out of a person was slavery. Slavery in America was used for three primary reasons: capitalism, racism and individualism. When the first group of Africans were abducted and forcefully brought here they were used as labor and strip of their human rights and replaced with a lifestyle of servitude and obedience to their white counterparts. The slave was labeled inferior even after slavery was abolished. Even though conditions for the slaves were grotesque during slavery lynchings were more common after they were set free. It is estimated that from 1882-1968 there were 5,000 lynchings of freed black people. Many lynchings happened because they wanted to protect white women from “potential” rape. During the lynching is where I these people had no souls. Black men would have their penis cut off immediately. Then hung up on the pole, but not before he would have his ears cut off. Once they set fire to the victim they dismembered him and sold his entrails for souvenirs. The towns people who attended the lynchings would often take pictures with the charred remains of the bodies of those lynched. The lynchings didn’t just apply to the men. Women and children were often lynched for disobedience. The women were often raped before they were tarred and feathered. At the time lynchings was more of a sporting event where people would take pics and send postcards to relatives if they could not attend. Understand the same traits it takes to cut open a person and burn them alive after torturing them, making it a celebratory act rather than a tragic event takes the same non-compassion, non-remorseful, non-emotional mentality to be a sociopath/psychopath.

Now here are two personalities I thought would never go together, but according to researchers they share some of the same traits. Psychopaths and CEO’s have similar attributes more than 4% higher than the population. Both CEO’s and Psychopath have no remorse, empathy and share glibness, superficial charm and manipulativeness. They also share the need for constant stimulation, high intelligence and predispositioned to boredom. Now some would easily dismiss this theory as hearsay. I ask you to think about what it takes to layoff hundreds if not thousands of loyal employees knowing this will have disastrous effects on families, communities and such. Think about the characteristics it takes to charm a boardroom of business owners to buy into your product. Think about the drive and initiative it takes to be a visionary and take a company forward. It takes a sense of uneasiness to reject assuagement when it comes to competition among other businesses. Think about the lack of empathy it takes to produce wanted results for greedy stockholders they answer to. To me I can see the correlation in the two types.

There is an ethnology in this society that not only uses the traits of psychopathology but they get rewarded with promotions, bonuses, pensions and medals in some cases. We’ve taken the worst characteristics of ourselves and incorporated them into our industrial, corporate and military industries. Unfortunately what happens to those individuals who haven’t made it to being a CEO or the person who didn’t make it to being an US recruit of the military. When you have these traits with nothing productive to use them for, you may have a void that may not  get filled until they find human targets inside a school, or other public facility. I believe the creation of these minds who ignite these mass shootings could come from same social conduct cumulative gene pool that we created in this civilization  and it is what we fear most.


Mass shootings are becoming “The New Normal” in a desensitized, disassociated society. It has become an epidemic plague that investigators and psychologists are desperately trying to find the common denominators among the deviants responsible. I know we are becoming all too familiar with the narrative story line of the shooters. “Troubled teen/individual” “Mentally Unstable” “Anti-social” are the usual descriptions of the damnable invertebrates who with no conscious who slaughter men/women and children. Here’s the thing with me and my way of thinking!!! This year alone there have been over 250 mass shootings with a victim count of over 4 people.

According to “The Huffington Post” on average there is a mass shooting at least once a day!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry with these type of scary numbers It’s hard for me to believe that all of them share the same vignette. I want you to come along with me and think if it is possible that other common factors have equivalence. It is my theory that two other factors play a role in these killing sprees. The first one is could be these chemical dump sites over the last 100 years and the pollution our country has played a part in. The other half I want to talk about is the nullification of ethics, morals and values when its applied to the value of human life.

Ask yourself a question what are the effects of pollution? We’ve seen the physical effects of them. Contaminated beaches and shores. Oil drenched animals that were in the water during an oil spill. Our own ozone layer has also suffered and has been depleted. So much so that global warming is more a reality than ever. One thing that I haven’t seen clearly addressed is the effects on brain function during long-term exposure of these pollutants. For example nitrous oxide, a chemical known to us commonly as laughing gas. The reason this chemical is so harmful is because it is one of the chemicals responsible for the breakdown of the ozone layer. In 2009 scientists blamed nitrous oxide as the number one ozone depleting man-made chemical. My question is if this chemical has been mixing with the ozone and other harmful chemicals in the atmosphere can it be possible us breathing in these chemicals may have mind altering effects on us. More so the babies and children who are developing their immune/respiratory/skeletal/digestive systems. Too much nitric oxide in the system has been attributed to stroke and dementia according to an article in “Science Daily”. One of the stages of general anaesthesia involves euphoria, spontaneous muscle movement, hallucinations(auditory and visual). The chemical has been used as early as the 1840’s. I know it’s a stretch to say this is the single element that is the root cause of these mass shootings. To be honest I believe it’s a combination of causes and this maybe one of them…yes.

Another concern for me would be pyrethroids. You may know this chemical to be insecticides commonly. It’s used to treat vegetable, grain and fruit crops. With over 70% of the population exposed to this chemical and children are the highest threat. Little is known about the effects of these chemicals in humans. Although it has been documented that animals have shown neurological, immune and respiratory damage. An article in “Scientific American” notes a study done using urine samples from over 5,000 adults and children between 1999-2002. The results they found were 75% showed at least one trace of pyrethroid metabolites in their system. The highest concentration was with the children with concentrations 50% higher than adults. Since pyrethroids don’t breakdown easily in the air they often travel with dust and settle on areas on the home. Scientists think that since children have more mouth activity and spend a lot more time on the floor could be the reasoning why this concentration is higher for kids than adults. This chemical is also used on gardens, lawns, parks and other public places. With the unknown factor of not knowing the full effects of this chemical and other insecticides used before it we may have been inadvertently poisoning our babies for generations to come.

Pre-dating the use of pyrethroids are organophosphates. These chemicals were also used for insecticides since World War two. Even low levels of exposure can effect the nervous system. Peaches, apples, pears, grapes, green beans and other vegetables eaten by children contained organophosphates. Children can be exposed through the food, air, dust, soil and pets. Researchers have found links to impaired short-term and memory development, increased reaction time and reflexes  and worst of all mental and emotional problems with adolescents. Other long-term effects to this chemical are ADHD in children, reduced levels of testosterone and other sex hormones in males, leukemia, lymphoma even increased risk for Parkinson’s disease. Could these chemicals be the silent partner in a sociopath’s mindset when they go astray and plot to kill?

Water pollution has also a left scar of immeasurable proportion on ourselves. From back in 1972 when the US congress passed the Clean Water Act because of events like the 1969 Cuyahoga River fire. Where an oil slick in the water caught fire that was polluted from decades of industrial waste. Sadly this same river caught fire multiples times for the same reasons prior to this incident. Pollutants dumped into the water was a more common practice decades ago, but the effects left waters unsuitable to swim or fish for nearly 40 years later. How about this!!! from 1988 to 1998 there has been 30,000 beach closings and advisories due to water pollution in 47 out of 50 states. Chemicals in the water rendered the fish not to be consumable for a long period of time.

Now I know that my reasoning behind my conclusions are not easily palatable due to lack of direct connection. It’s a stretch to believe that because of chemical dumping of pollution that happened decades it might reap the consequences of today’s mass shootings and their frequency. To me this is the dirty little secret not only behind sociopath and psychopaths mentality, but mental illness as a whole. If we were to connect the dots chronologically from the time of the dumping of chemicals, to the contamination in the food and water supply to the passing of the contaminants into a pregnant woman’s body, then to the child and then passing this poison onto their unborn children we have to wonder is it possible? Now I’m not making excuses for the actions of James Holmes and others like him. I am however saying we as a society are failing when we overlook the possibility that we ourselves may bear in the responsibility when someone is mentally ill. Instead of being dismissive and writing it off and say “Oh well he’s crazy, a tragedy like this was bound to happen” That to me is unforgivable. We blame the illness without asking how did they get the illness in the first place. Am I onto something or should I just shut my mouth???????? Let me know

school shootingWe have to change the culture and attitude of this country regarding the second amendment and treatment for mental illness. I just read on the news about a  twenty year old male walking into another elementary school with a assault rifle. The suspect is now in custody named Michael Brandon Hill fired over half a dozen shots at police in Atlanta. Surprisingly no one was hurt this time. Thank GOD.

Before he got capture and eventually giving up he was able to hold captive two employees of the Ronald E. McNair Discover Learning Academy. It seemed he was looking for a standoff with police instead of killing innocent teachers, staff and children. There seems to be no clear relationship with the suspect and the academy itself or any of its staff. Once the suspect was apprehended he was charged with; aggravated assault on a police officer, terroristic threats, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

So now the question should be raised again. How do we keep our kids safe? I think we need to change the second amendment so people with criminal and mental illness backgrounds are flagged earlier. Those individuals who own guns need a mental stability evaluation held by a psychiatrist. The evaluation should be a written and face to face meeting with the psychiatrist to examine if the person who owns the gun is likely to fall under pressure and lead themselves into a chaotic episode like the ones we’ve seen played out over the last few years. We also need cutoff access to assault rifles unless they are for the military or law enforcement with a license to carry.

Some might say no this is not the answer. The problem is not the guns or access to them but solely the individual and the problem is that the schools, malls, libraries, etc. are not secure enough. Instead of fewer guns we need more good guys with guns. To me this approach is not the answer. Definitely not in favor of teaching school staff how to carry and fire weapons. Here another tidbit there have been amendments changed in the past. In 1933 the twenty-first amendment repealed the eighteenth amendment which mandated the prohibition of alcohol nationwide.  I just brought up that fact because ratifications happen because the people want a change.

I am a firm believer though this society is becoming more and more insensible. The moral compass in this country is really askew. In addition to the shooting attempt in Georgia (Thank GOD the kids and staff are safe.) three teenagers two of which are being charged with murder in the first degree and the third teen is facing charges of accessory and firing a weapon.  Christopher Lane who lives in Australia but was visiting his girlfriend in Oklahoma was gunned down. Not because he know his killers and had an altercation. Not because he was troublemaker or anything like that. He was killed according to the statement by one of the teens because “We were bored and didn’t have anything to do. So we decided to ill somebody.”

How demented and detached from human emotion so you have to be to just randomly want to kill someone and then actually do it. The three teens James Francis Edwards (15 yrs), Chancey Allen Luna(16 yrs), and Michael Dewayne Jones(17 yrs) shot Christopher Lane in the back. How gutless are these guys? This society through glorification of violence and psychopaths, where we are desensitizing our generations with graphic sexual and horrific images daily. Lack of parenting also plays a role in this as well. These were just kids shooting this man. It wasn’t clear how the teens got a hold of the firearm, but my guess is they had access to a gun and wanted to “do something” cause they were bored. In my day if were bored in the summertime we had super soakers. Yeah we would shoot each other, but the opponent got wet not dead.

My last issue I want to have changed is the stand your ground law. There is a brilliant commercial online by the PSA that uses actual audio from the night Trayvon Martin died. The George Zimmerman trial sparked a national conversation about race, about violence with guns and about the Stand your ground law itself. Since the verdict acquitted Zimmerman the attention has been put on lawmakers in states that host this law to change, or even repeal the law. The commercial shows a young African-American boy laying lifeless on the ground. The camera then slowly shifting to another side of the screen showing other young Americans laying dead as well. Above the bodies a state would show. The states who have stand your ground laws. I think will send a powerful message to cause.

What do you think?