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They say there are a 6 million ways to die. No one ever says how you can make money off the dead. Yes, one of the many joys capitalism is that it has not moral base(it really needs one). When the morality checks and balances and no parameters that needs to be crossed, it then gives way that are grossly outrageous. There are some many ways to desecrate the cadaverous. It’s just business never personal with making revenue and clearly this could be an issue for your local Priest to reason with.

1. Algordanza Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, now they took that saying to a whole new level. Algordanza a diamond company whose headquarters in Switzerland and has stores in 19 other countries including the US. They recently invented a way to turn human ashes into blue diamonds. The process takes the 18% of carbon that makes up the human body and separates the carbon from the other elements in the human ashes. These “memorial” diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as a regular diamond. The average cremation creates 5 pounds of ashes, while the process only needs 1.1 pounds to make a diamond. Contaminants are filtered out in a two-step process and then adding iron and cobalt. The largest diamond you can order is one carat and takes four to six months to complete. Blue one carat diamonds can range from $6,800 to $11,200 dollars.

2. Organ HarvestThe black market literally has blood on their hands from illegally and immorally taking organs from men, women and children. The most incident that got media attention is the story of Kendrick Johnson, a teen in Georgia who reportedly of an accidental death when he was rolled up in a school gym mat. The parents had a second autopsy performed where they found his brain, heart, lungs and liver were taken out and newspaper was stuffed into the corpse. They also determined the cause of death was blunt trauma to the right side of is neck. The sad part is hospitals in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles are paying $150,000 dollars for each organ. It seems doctors, hospitals don’t ask and don’t care about the origins of these organs. The organ brokers make the most of the deal, while the donor if still alive gets $5,000 dollars.


3. Dead Peasants Insurance– I first heard about the Dead Peasants Insurance or Janitor’s insurance from Michael Moore’s film about capitalism. It’s detestable to think this practice is still being exercised, but it’s capitalism at its finest. For those of you who don’t know what it is by now. “The 2006 law stipulated that companies could not deduct certain expenses of acquiring and holding such a policy from their taxable corporate income unless the covered employee worked at the company during the 12 months prior to his or her death. Before that, employers were able to buy policies under which they could collect death benefits decades after a person’s employment terminated.” Companies like Wal-Mart, Dow Chemical, American Electric Power, Winn-Dixie Store and Camelot Music made millions by cashing on their dead employees.One example of this practice is Amergy Bank made $4.75 million off an employee who they fired,but made money on his death after hearing he had a brain tumor.

4. Tissue Donation– Tissue donation applies to anything that is not a living organ and can be taken from the dead body. Tendons, veins and human bone can be used on future patients in need. $80,000 or more can be made from a single body through tissue donation. One single donor can impact up to 50 people. Tissue companies make over a billion dollars a year. Tissue donations can help with burn victims and also cosmetic surgery such as smoothing wrinkles and plumping up lips. Over 30,000 bodies are donated every year.

5. Unclaimed Money- If you are the rightful heir to a deceased relative unclaimed money and property, then you want to see if you are owed anything. Sites like and and great search engines to get access to anything untouched.


6. Grave Robbery– The term rest in peace does not exist in this world for the affluent. Even in death the greedy and those who have no shame will take what they want from the resting places of those buried in the ground. It seems that people high on meth have become the new wave of gravediggers and stealing from sites associated with the civil war and Native Americans. They look for anything of value to feed their habit. This is a new low, even for meth heads. Depending on the artifacts found and sold they can be anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars.

7. Cannibal Restaurant in Nigeria– You’ve heard of Tiger testicle soup? Maybe not, well how about human heads wrapped in cellophane for the for the purpose to be eaten. Yup, a restaurant was closed down when they uncovered a hotel restaurant was serving human flesh and even had roasted human head on the menu. A lump of human meat was sold at N700 which converts into $60 US dollars according to google. This is really sick stuff man.


8. Leather Made from Human Skin-If you ever looked at someone’s handbag or shoes and thought it was a great accessory, you may want to ask them where they got it. Not just to be nosy so you can buy it yourself, but to make sure it’s not made from human skin. One such company called says they make items from real human skin and sell them to a strict affluent clientele. The site claims this is legal and they get their skin from recently deceased cadavers that were sold to them by the deceased family for compensation. Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon and dates back to the 17th century and maybe earlier. For example the French used to bound their books in human skin and made slippers from them as well. One article in the Mercury in 1888 claims a doctor only used African skin to make his shoes,because of he says they were the most pliable and enduring. Fast forward to today and the practice is still going strong to today. So how much for some of the items offered: Wallet-$14,000, Belt-$15,750, Shoes-$27,000. This is the world we live in.

It’s a truly sick world we live in where the voiceless are used for profit and their families are left out. Are we in such economic despair that we sacrifice our meritorious values and replace them with hollow dividends and revenue streams where you cash in by using cadavers as legal tender. These atrocious acts mark a declination in any virtuous trait that I once thought was incorruptible. I was truly mistaken.

6/21/16 –Update

In addition to the other listings I made I found out another example of how people are worth more dead than alive. In particularly people of dark skinned color. Melanin is a determining factor in creating skin color in humans and also can be used for radiation protection, anti-oxidants, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Melanin can be found in every organ of the human body, and darker skinned people have more melanin than light skinned or Caucasians.

A little known fact about melanin is that it is the most expensive material on earth, costing $350 dollars a gram. “Many scientific studies have verified that melanin has unique characteristics for a wide range of applications, especially in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and battery technology sectors which have growing global demand,” said Kenneth Nealson, Ph.D., vice president of research at River Road Research.

Many African-Americans, Africans and people with darker skinned tint are weary about this. When you do the math of adding the grams of an average dark skinned male weighing about 150 lbs. is worth 28 million dollars roughly. With this kind of incentive, fearful conspiracy theorists are putting together accusations that the reason why African Americans are dying at rates higher than other races can partly be due to the worth of their melanated skin.

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Have you ever heard of religious rituals that can be controversial by today’s standards? We are far beyond the years when religion and prophets were not questioned, no matter difficult of a pill to swallow some of their actions may seem. In this article I want to present some acts justified by religion that otherwise would not be accepted in society.

  1. Female Genital Mutilation – The practice uses razors, scissors or knives to cut on a infant female vagina to create a seal that narrows the vagina. Urine and menstrual blood are still able to pass through, but the girl’s legs are tied together for four weeks while the tissue heals.
  2. Annual Morning Rite– If you were to hit the head of a young boy and spill his blood into the street you might get arrested,unless you’re celebrating Ashura bloodletting ceremony. The ritual is supposed to mark the death of the prophet Mohammad’s grandson Imam at the 7th century battle of Kerbala. Sh’ia Muslims believe this ritual absolves their sins. A common saying states, “a single tear shed for Husayn washes away a hundred sins.
  3. Putting out the Elder Eskimos to die in the Ice– So just by the title you can see where this is going. It seems that when an Eskimo comes of a certain age that they are taken out to sea on an iceberg to either freeze of starve to death. The ritual is supposed to be the honorable way to go instead of being a burden on the family. Eskimos believe the afterlife awaits beyond this world so it is more a transcendence than a banishment.
  4. Cannibalism– The Aghoris of northern India, which is a small sect of Hinduism still believes the consumption of human carcases brings immortality and supernatural powers. They drink from human skulls and believe that this brings spiritual and physical benefits such as the prevention of aging.
  5. Eating the dead’s ashes– The Yanomamo believe a large portion of their community are killed and consumed by demons sent by shaman. To counteract this, the bodies are quickly burned and the bones are pulverized and put into gourds to be consumed in a plaintain soup one year later.The ritual is supposed help of the dead to find their way into paradise.
  6. Pulling a tooth – In Australia an adult male would put fur string into his mouth to absorb the blood and also prevents the tooth from being swallowed. Taking a sharp end of a spear and presses it against the man’s tooth. It is then struck by a stone to strike loose the tooth.
  7. Animal Massacre – In Hinduism there is a ritual killing called the “Bali Sacrifice,” which includes strangulation and then striking a wooden spile into the heart. Priests see the animals, making noise as a bad omen. This ritual is used to honor a Hindu God a sacrifice the evil spirits.
  8. A sub-incision into the Urethra – A slit is cut through the ventral area of the penis. Then going into the urethra from its orifice to a position about an inch along the shaft of the penis. Bit by bit the penile urethra is turned into the open channel.
  9. Collars of Metal – The ideal of an elongated neck is more of  sign of beauty by long brass wound spirals. The length of the coil is gradually increased to as much as twenty turns. The weight of the coils creates enough pressure to deform the shoulder blades and gives the impression of a longer neck.
  10. Metzitzah b’peh – In the Orthodox Jewish community a ritual is practiced where the mohel or practitioner places their mouth on the penis and sucks the blood to “cleanse” the wound. This has raised health concerns due to the cases of herpes infections associated with it. The practice itself is over 5,000 years old and practiced by all Jewish denominations.
  11. Christmas – This holiday you wouldn’t think is surrounded in controversy, but the ideas and concepts such as caroling, christmas tree, mistletoe,holly wreaths and yule logs all have origins pre-dating Christians. Check out a holiday called Saturnalia and the winter solstice to truly understand.
  12. Easter – The holiday time surrounding Easter has roots in the spring Equinox. Eggs, rabbits, hares are symbols of fertility used in the Pagan religion. The story of resurrection also have ties back to gods and goddesses such as Inanna, Ishtar, Horus and Mithras.

Religious practices has at times created controversy. It doesn’t take away from the gratification that a believer receives.