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Media damage


They say the best way to get over a relationship is by getting into a new one, or maybe getting under somebody new. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The thing to realize with that logic is after those warm cuddly nights with a stranger, you find out nothing with you has changed. Those old scars never had a chance to heal and move on. Newscasts I feel are the same way. The news today has become a 24 hour circinate of opinions, distorted facts and panels who decides for the American people, why, how, and what to think about.

The most glaring observation in my mind at this moment is this ever closing in on us race war, that CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other stations are baiting us into. Race as always been a touchy subject in this country, largely due to an overall avoidance of talking about the roots causes of it in America. The news pundits will happily talk about black on black crime and point the finger as to say. “See, look the numbers prove it! “Black people you can’t live in denial all the time.” While black on black crime is a plague on black communities, you can’t hold a mirror up unless it’s a two-way one.

The US Department of Justice declared that in 2011 white on white crime was at a staggering 84%. In 2013, crimes committed by whites such as vandalism, larceny-theft, aggravated assault and weapons carrying were higher than any other group. There is more to the stats, but I’m really not here to drag out all the numbers. My point is why isn’t this brought to mainstream media and put into the cycle of news and topics of conversation. My hunch is that, because race will be taken off the table, it becomes something that gets swept under the rug.

Another divide and conquer tactic the news stations uses to add to is agenda is airtime. According to MediaQuant a firm that tracks media coverage of candidates and gives a dollar value based on advertising rates. In their analysis Donald Trump has gotten almost $2 billion dollars worth of free media attention. He more than doubled what Hillary Clinton got with $746 million in the same time frame.

Just by those numbers alone, it doesn’t seem to be providence that Trump is the Republican nominee. It seems more engineered and manufactured through a mechanical allusion that was pre-planned. At the same time, news networks made Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric synonymous with his rise in the polls. They somehow grossly neglected that fact that they became avaricious and fed the beastly orange tint monster camera time so they can maintain their parasitical consanguinity.

Hillary Clinton as well has made her own magic these last couple of months. The road in front of her seems clear. With the email scandal behind her and Bernie Sanders, once her biggest blockade to the nomination on her side, things have turned around. There are however some people crying foul. Whether they are bitter Sanders followers who can’t stand the sight of Hillary to win the presidency or not. One such reason, whispers are circulating is that there are doubts Hillary won her races far and square.

There have been claims of fraud in states like Iowa, California and Arizona saying that Bernie Sanders won those states by the popular and delegate count. Even though the issue was brought once on Bernie campaign trail, it never gained traction and lied dead in the water allowing Clinton to focus on her email scandal.

As someone who looks for different perspective on the issues. Beware, personal agendas are usually the fuel that motivates pundits and the rest of the talking heads. It’s good to have your ideas challenged, but way too often these shows will have an unbalanced panel that too often shows unwavering support for the views of the host. Although studies have shown that we usually follow personalities and judgments that we already have. It doesn’t hurt to see the other sides argument.

Part of the reason this country remains so divided is that instead of just displaying the facts. Now we have tv shows, news broadcasts showing their own slanted points of view. Whether it’s liberal or conservative they can offer a broader discussion, but too often most of them huddle in their corners and look for counter arguments instead of truth. If facts matter then they should speak for themselves and not the speaker formulating them into his contorted narrative.


I had to put a post up of how I’m feeling about the present state of the country. Honestly, I feel like the liberal base has a lot to run on for these upcoming mid-term elections,but the either the majority don’t agree or even if democrats have the majority of the public on it’s side we still can’t win because some bills won’t even make it to the house to be heard and are just ignored causing more and more frustration. 58% favored strengthening the laws that cover up the sale of firearms. 75% of Americans and even 58% of Republicans want minimum wage to increase in America according to a Gallup poll. 7 out of 10 Americans think that policies from congressional republicans favor the rich. I mean we see what’s going in our society, but yet in the ratings war among the new channels Fox News blows away other channels like CNN and MSNBC. With shows like The O’ Reilly Factor averaging 2.7 million viewers and the The Kelly File with 2.3 million a night in the month of august shows the conservatives and those who dismiss any type of liberal thinking. I fear that facts and percentages aren’t enough in the war for the modern American spirit. I know we all love American, but some many times I see Americans under attack in the media either for skin color, sex, sexual preference or nationality. We’re winning small battles with facts and reasonable thinking,but losing the war with lack of support.

telling a story

So far I have been talking about politicians making racist statements and the ploy to use this rhetoric to spark a tone of separation among the races. They will in turn use the peoples pre-conceived notions about that particular race and fear to spark support for their campaigns. Fear has always been and will always be, the biggest asset to those seeking political power and financial gain. Fear is one commonality that has been used to enslave different races and nationalities all over this world. One thing I have encountered during my lifetime are ignorant statements about my own race to me. One time I was riding the  bus in high school. The school I was attending was mostly white with about, no more than six black people and a handful of other minorities. During the ride on the school bus a girl asked me if she could touch my hair. I didn’t mind. I was more puzzled why she asked. Once she ran her fingers through my hair she noticed that my hair was greasy. It was the hair grease I was using. I applied a little too much that day. She then asked me  “Do you use the same grease for your hair as you do for cooking fried food?” I remember being more embarrassed that I had to answer this stupid question, being  than angry about it. Another incident I‘ll never forget is when I was asked, have I ever been in  drive by shooting. This was asked by my roommate in college in my freshman year. That one I laughed at and told him “Don’t believe what you see on MTV or the news”. I know the media plays a role in spreading confusion and fear….. What???  You don’t believe it. I’ll give you a small example. Say you’re watching the news looking for the weather for the day and you haven’t gotten dressed for the day yet, because you wanna know how to dress accordingly. The weatherman/woman tells you there’s a 90% chance of thundershowers throughout the day with rain and lightning and then it dips into the low 60’s in the evening. Woow!!!! sounds like a bad day doesn’t it? I better cover up you might say. So you bring out your best rain coat,  long sleeve shirt, maybe some jeans, khakis and a hat. Even a sweatshirt, because when you get off of work its supposed to be cold…..Right??? Well you go to work. You go throughout your day and notice not one drop of rain has come down. Matter of fact ,the sun has peeked out a couple times during the day. When you get out of work instead of getting cooler like you thought it would be the temperature only dropped slightly. I know the weatherman/woman isn’t always right ,but how could they be wrong about their entire prediction? Its not a coincidence this happened. The real point I’m making is the media used your fear of getting rained on so you would over prepare and possibly even go to the store and purchase items like an umbrella, a jacket, scarf etc.  Don’t believe me again? go to any grocery store after a emergency weather bulletin was released and see how it looks. It’s the fear. As a society we pretty much plan our day around what the weather is forecasted to be, so what power and influence does the news have ober us?….. Moving on I made my point by directing it to the masses, but lets apply this same logic to race. Think about it how many positive images we see of each race throughout the day? For me not too many that I see. Races are marginalized, displayed as separate and unequal images that become more like figurines on  our mantle to look at, either in disgust like a hideous antique, or like a prized trophy we remember winning from a glorious memory . If they’re black it’s usually a criminal or someone fighting on tv, If they’re Italian its usually a mafia boss or a pizza shop owner, If they’re Jewish its usually a Rabbi or a lawyer, If they’re Muslim its usually has to due with some terrorists act. As a person who has exposure with another race they gain insight into their culture, heritage, beliefs and history. One thing ignorance, bigotry, racism does is keep people in the dark. I read an article in MSNBC that 40% of white people who say they have a “black friend” really don’t and say so they do to not appear racist or ignorant. I can sincerely say I have met some of the kindest, warm-hearted, professional, intelligent people of all walks of life. I ate their food, partied in their homes, slept in their beds and haven’t once felt like an outsider. I was made to feel at home just like any other guest. Seeing that and knowing those people exist humbles me. It gives me a foundation of thought that all people, no matter what race embodies the spirit of what this nation is supposed to live up to. Another point I wanted to make is that when you personally know someone of a different race, nationality, gender, and background. You can then make a more informed and educated decision about that person, also you can be more dismissive of the stereotypes, racists comments that are used to generalize and box them into one group.