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Media damage


They say the best way to get over a relationship is by getting into a new one, or maybe getting under somebody new. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The thing to realize with that logic is after those warm cuddly nights with a stranger, you find out nothing with you has changed. Those old scars never had a chance to heal and move on. Newscasts I feel are the same way. The news today has become a 24 hour circinate of opinions, distorted facts and panels who decides for the American people, why, how, and what to think about.

The most glaring observation in my mind at this moment is this ever closing in on us race war, that CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other stations are baiting us into. Race as always been a touchy subject in this country, largely due to an overall avoidance of talking about the roots causes of it in America. The news pundits will happily talk about black on black crime and point the finger as to say. “See, look the numbers prove it! “Black people you can’t live in denial all the time.” While black on black crime is a plague on black communities, you can’t hold a mirror up unless it’s a two-way one.

The US Department of Justice declared that in 2011 white on white crime was at a staggering 84%. In 2013, crimes committed by whites such as vandalism, larceny-theft, aggravated assault and weapons carrying were higher than any other group. There is more to the stats, but I’m really not here to drag out all the numbers. My point is why isn’t this brought to mainstream media and put into the cycle of news and topics of conversation. My hunch is that, because race will be taken off the table, it becomes something that gets swept under the rug.

Another divide and conquer tactic the news stations uses to add to is agenda is airtime. According to MediaQuant a firm that tracks media coverage of candidates and gives a dollar value based on advertising rates. In their analysis Donald Trump has gotten almost $2 billion dollars worth of free media attention. He more than doubled what Hillary Clinton got with $746 million in the same time frame.

Just by those numbers alone, it doesn’t seem to be providence that Trump is the Republican nominee. It seems more engineered and manufactured through a mechanical allusion that was pre-planned. At the same time, news networks made Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric synonymous with his rise in the polls. They somehow grossly neglected that fact that they became avaricious and fed the beastly orange tint monster camera time so they can maintain their parasitical consanguinity.

Hillary Clinton as well has made her own magic these last couple of months. The road in front of her seems clear. With the email scandal behind her and Bernie Sanders, once her biggest blockade to the nomination on her side, things have turned around. There are however some people crying foul. Whether they are bitter Sanders followers who can’t stand the sight of Hillary to win the presidency or not. One such reason, whispers are circulating is that there are doubts Hillary won her races far and square.

There have been claims of fraud in states like Iowa, California and Arizona saying that Bernie Sanders won those states by the popular and delegate count. Even though the issue was brought once on Bernie campaign trail, it never gained traction and lied dead in the water allowing Clinton to focus on her email scandal.

As someone who looks for different perspective on the issues. Beware, personal agendas are usually the fuel that motivates pundits and the rest of the talking heads. It’s good to have your ideas challenged, but way too often these shows will have an unbalanced panel that too often shows unwavering support for the views of the host. Although studies have shown that we usually follow personalities and judgments that we already have. It doesn’t hurt to see the other sides argument.

Part of the reason this country remains so divided is that instead of just displaying the facts. Now we have tv shows, news broadcasts showing their own slanted points of view. Whether it’s liberal or conservative they can offer a broader discussion, but too often most of them huddle in their corners and look for counter arguments instead of truth. If facts matter then they should speak for themselves and not the speaker formulating them into his contorted narrative.


Sometimes, my thoughts can come out of left field and catch people off guard. This may be one of those times. Ever since I started paying attention to politics, the news media and politicians have made bold, insensitive,  even racist statements. Even recently, a statement was made from a senator. They were advocating the issue that the reason African Americans are poor is because they eat too much fried chicken. Is this statement true?… not at all. Is it inflammatory? Absolutely! Is there a silver lining in the language though? My question is can these racist, bigoted statements we hear time and time again help race relations overall in the US?

Oh by the way the person was Republic state senator Vicki Marble who used the argument that both blacks an hispanics live in poverty because of too much fried chicken. She contributed low life expectancy to poor food choices. She went onto say that Mexicans have better dieting practices when they live in their home country with a diet of only vegetables. When they come to the US they start unhealthy habits. In the media this rhetoric is getting way too common. It seems this is a trend getting way out of hand. In my opinion I think its a good thing.

Wait wait wait…...A good thing?????wtf$#@ Yes a good thing. First my theory for the increasing racial remarks by these folks is a simple one. Racism helps their political campaign. All you have to do is make a racist statement that will ignite backlash from a minority group, “fake apologize for the remark” and poof!!!! like magic people who are analogous to your point of view on the matter will show their support. While the senator has not apologize for what she said, she did say she would have worded it differently. Oh by the way the senator does love the southern cooking delicacy herself she also mentioned.

The reason this remark is good for the country and other remarks like them is because it separates those who are racist from those who are not. You have to know who your fighting for, who your fighting with, and who your fighting against. Comments like these brings their racists views to the forefront. Its no longer about the white hooded men burning crosses on front lawns to intimidate and use fear.

Also remarks like this senator made keeps the conversation alive about race and race relations. In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech about having  a “Dream” polls show across the US thought among blacks 73% of blacks and 81% of white agree that the races are getting along pretty well. At the same time according to MSNBC 49% of those polled agree a lot more work needs to be done still. I often hear people say phrases like “get over it” “Why do we have to keep talking about it?” The answer I can think of the combines a horrific event that dehumanizes a person and can leave them powerless ashamed of themselves, ultimately blaming themselves at times is the crime of rape.

Rape is a ugly word. The connotation alone gives me an image of a poor victim female/male being abused, tortured, sexually assaulted, scarred mentally and much worse than I can describe. The reason I use the comparison is for the reason that when a person is raped and survive. They are left with feelings of confusion, anger, shock, denial and fear. The key to finding the strength to move forward is finding a support group and expressing what you are feeling about what was done. With racism the conversation must be kept alive so others who have felt can find so sense of solace with the fact they are not alone. Talking about it can put those feelings into context and make them real. I know using the comparison between the two isn’t easily palatable, but I felt it was necessary to apply racism to a real life across the board situation.

One beautiful thing that happens when you have these outcries for justice, people hear you. My question is would people feel the need to help if they didn’t see the urgency and seriousness these bigoted remarks. It was slaves and slave owners who saw slaves being beaten, hanged and tarred and feathered that would eventually help the freedom movement that became the catalyst to abolish slavery. This same mentality sided with the civil rights activists who were hose down, and had dogs sicked on them. This same spirit freed the Jews from the oppression of the Egyptians and centuries later the Germans. When Asian women were turned into prostitutes , the men forced to build the railroad and the western mining industry during the California gold rush era. The outcry for justice helped bring them out of enslavement. Hispanic were enslaved as well as Arabs. Each time a they found refuge in kind individuals who looked into their suffering and hardship and aided them. Though today minorities are not beaten and hanged or enslaved using language that is inflammatory is the new rope used to hang us from the noose. Today I can say in the darkness of the Trayvon Martin tragedy we have a new group of young people who call themselves the dream defenders. These individuals want to keep the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in tact through peaceful, but persistent protests against injustices. Their first call of duty was to have a sit down with senator Rick Scott to repeal the controversial stand your ground law. See what can happen once we mobilize.