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It Love healthseems that love is overrated. Excuse me, the portrayal of love on tv, movies and online is overrated. There’s a million movies about the story of two young lovers finding fate and themselves and then fighting all the odds to become star crossed lovers. It’s the tale of love conquers all, but it only happens when you’re young and have no responsibilities. The other side are the blundering mid 30’s or 40’s age when the kids are hormone raging teens, your job has become mundane drudgery and your parents seem to be enjoying their golden age. Some how the characters are stuck in the middle, where the love well is drying up and they re-evaluate their love, but not until temptation, either from another person or life changing event happens. Out of both types of romance movies, which one is the one that makes it through?

Oddly enough, according to Steinberg’s Triangular Love Theory, and my own interpretation of those types of movies, I would say the middle aged couple that hit a lull has a better chance than the hopelessly madly in love that conquers all types. Why?….Well, let’s be honest with ourselves if you’ve been in those fiery type of romances, it’s just like the movies. Excitement, sex, enjoyment, sex, drunken nights, sex, recklessness and more sex. These types of relationships fit into the category of “Romantic Love, ” according to Steinberg. To put it simply, there’s a lot of passion and even intimacy, but it lacks commitment which Consummate Love contains intimacy, passion and commitment. Isn’t the fun part, though finding love and learning the person? Take for existence Titanic, would you have liked the story any different if you saw that Leonardo’s character made it out alive and twenty years later they’re arguing about mortgage payments and why he doesn’t do the same things he used when they first met?

Steinberg’s Triangular Theory of Love has six types of love: Companionate Love-This has intimacy and commitment, but no passion. Commitment-Empty Love, commitment alone. Fatuous Love-Passion and Commitment, but no intimacy. Passion-Infatuation, passion alone. Romantic Love-Intimacy and Passion, but no commitment. Intimacy-Liking, intimacy alone. Consummate as I talked about earlier is the sum of all of them equally. Too often times I see people trying to find love and it seems they have more lust for the person then an actual connection and when the fantasy fades and the girl or boy no longer encaptures what they mislead themselves to think the fun is over and the problems usually occur.

Too many times the benefits of love are overlooked and not mentioned. We can promote sex on the radio as early as the sunrise, but mentioning love somehow seems uncool and talked down about, like it’s some deviant behavior. There are some health benefits of finding love and maintaining a healthy love life. Love has been said to increase your immune system, help keep the pounds off if you exercise with your loved one, lower mortality rates for happy couples, that healthy glow due to less acne causing cortisol from lower stress levels when in love. Cardiovascular health is an added benefit from love as well as holding someone’s hand, can actually decrease the feelings of pain. Having sex once a week can increase estrogen levels and regulate menstrual cycles for women. Last, couples that are deep in love actually have more dopamine brain activity which can be associated with optimism, energy and a sense of well-being.

Love is so powerful, that on a physiological level seeing an attractive face activates the same part of the brain that reacts from painkillers, the opioid system. Being in love makes the heart grow fonder, or least makes the blood flow according to MRI scans that show the nucleus accumbens region has increased blood flow during times of love. A drop in serotonin, maybe an explanation why new lovers sometimes only seem to concentrate on each other and ignore the other person’s faults. When couples are in love for a little while to create the attachment phase. During this phase oxytocin and vasopressin spread throughout the brain and create feelings of well-being and security.

With all these facts about the health benefits and senses of well-being, then why isn’t America more proactive about promoting falling and maintaining love lasting relationships? I know finding true love is hard, but the alternative is a loveless society.


I can't breathe

Last Saturday was one of the most amazing experiences of my life on earth to date. I decided I wanted to be a part of history and march along fellow supporters to end this domestic terroristic sub-culture that tosses out cases of black men getting killed with no penalty or punishment of the police officer. Even now there are details behind the shooting and killing of Mike Brown that the prosecutor suppressed that directly conflicts with the narrative that suggests Darren Wilson’s life was in danger at the time of the shooting.

Man in chains

The march began at Washington Square Park, I got there around 3pm because I got off at the wrong stop and missed my scheduled train into Penn Station from LI. I remembered being nervous I was going to miss the crowd, but when I finally got into the city and arrived at West 4rth street I felt relieved. I could see large pockets of people gathering and soon saw the protests signs and heard the megaphones and the chants against racism and support for Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

Once I was inside the park I saw different organizations and that were there for this day. Among the most vocals were members from, Answer, National Liberty Alliance, 100 Blacks for Law Enforcement. I also bought a newspaper called Revolution,  which covered protests from NY to Mexico and all around the globe. I was only in the park for about ten minutes gathering newspapers and fliers when the crowd was moving toward the streets. It was there that I saw the awesome power of our civil liberties at work.


What was silence, turned into chants organically into the crowd that crescendo into overwhelming applause and cheers. “Hey hey, Ho ho, these racist cops have got to go!” “Hands up, Don’t Shoot!” “Show me what democracy looks like, This is what democracy looks like!” “No justice, No peace!” “Eric Garner, Michael Brown,shut it down, shut it down!” I could see the faces of the onlookers and police by the barricades. Some were there just to see what the fuss was about, others showed support on their way to work or wherever they needed to be. Often they chanted with us and gave more power to the message that #Alllivesmatter even if the court system doesn’t see it that way.

The feeling was incommunicable in words. There was an inseparableness that I felt that I only experienced online until this point. I’ve seen past rally’s and protests and knew people of all economic and racial backgrounds were there. I even knew about the global support for Ferguson and Eric Garner, with the different hashtags #crimingwhilewhite, #blacklivesmatter, #Icantbreathe, but to witness first hand and be a part of the warm fellowship left me in state of awe.

I was surprised by this generation’s resilient and remonstrance spirit. All I have been told and thought is since first hearing about Michael Brown, is that this was gonna wash over America and end in a another church hymn with the packaging of we shall overcome during a pastor’s congregation meeting. This generation, to me now shows the spark of the young Malcom X’s, Martin Luther King’s, Cesar Chavez, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Stonewall Inn protests for Gay Rights. I was also humbled by the compassion of the buildings and businesses on the streets we marched on. Many of them held signs and banners that gave this movement life, “#BlackLivesMatter” and the diversity among the crowd couldn’t have been a better representation of what this country should stand for more often.

I remember feeling like since we’re all here for once cause, then I surely can stand up for another cause, even if it was not my own. I don’t have to be gay to stand alongside someone who is and fight for them. I don’t have to be an immigrant to know that they also deserve to be treated better in this country. During the marching and chanting, it become a jovial occasion, realizing the power of force and the message we are sending around the world and to Washington and every political office in this country, that change is coming, so either help us do it or get thrown out of office for someone who will.

I saw mother pushing baby strollers and fathers holding their children on their heads so they could see the signs and helicopters passing over us. I saw old, young, any color of race and nationality and sexual orientation. I saw some Latino sisters and brothers chanting along with us in Spanish and with a sign written in Spanish, which I couldn’t make out entirely, but I did see one part I recognized #Alllivesmater!

There were moments of silence, but the energy never wavered, even after hours of walking and I really didn’t even know where we were going, but I wasn’t going to stop. A gentleman finally told we were heading for the first precinct. “What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now”, “I Can’t Breathe” were also very powerful outcries in the crowd. One man who introduced himself as David asked to interview me during the march. He asked a couple of questions about me and why I was there to support and if I have any personal stories that fit the profile of being discriminated against. I told him the story of being pulled over at 2am for a broke license plate light, that ended in a 35 dollar ticket. I didn’t know about a license plate light to know I needed one at the time. I know it wasn’t a story that ended in a violent beating with night sticks or even getting shot over it, but I felt they pulled me over because I was driving while black through a prominently rich white neighborhood on my way home from work.

By the end of the day I was tired, hungry, cold and had been holding myself from going to the bathroom for almost four hours, but I didn’t want to leave. It wasn’t until I reminded myself that I had to work later that night, that I finally trotted back to the subway to make it for my shift. I don’t know if anyone took pics of me, since I didn’t have a camera phone, but I recorded audio of the event on my phone. I plan to go to at least two more protests this year. My agenda this year now to support the fight against climate change and a wage increase.

Since the beginning of mankind there has been very two distinct roles for human beings. Women had the role of childbearing, care givers, keeping house, cook and sometimes educator. During the hunter gatherer time period men were the main providers of food. They would catch and kill wild game and teach their children what plants and wildlife was safe to eat. Around 1.8 million years ago this was the way societies were run. For hundreds of thousands of years, this worked, until technological advancements made it capable to build dams and wells to keep running water a vital component to survival. With the ability to navigate and steer the flow of water, it was made possible to build towns, cities, economic systems in place where you can buy and trade goods. I know you’re like thanks for the brief history lesson,but where is this going?

man pic 1

My point is once we became able to build up civilizations and left our hunter gatherer ways for the industrial age that’s when the gender roles started to unravel. Men no longer expected to hunt for food and teach their young. You had supermarkets and schools for that. Women started advancing in the workplace steadily after the World Wars. Recently, we’ve had more acceptance with gay rights in American society, which is a good thing. I wonder though, that the trade-off for the heterosexual male to accept women and gays in modern society is to slowly chip away at the idea of the alpha male and make it obsolete. Let me explain

During the hunter-gatherer time you were regarded as a man when you able to become the protector of the family and feed them as well. Today, in modern society you are considered a man when you move out on your own, pay your bills and have a job with a livable wage. The issue with this, is there are less and fewer jobs that can provide sufficient income. Fewer men are moving out on their own in their twenties and postponing this right to passage until their 30’s and sometimes 40’s. It’s also not cool to have facial hair or any excessive amount of hair on a man. Men need to be clean-cut a shave to make it in today’s business world. The only time you see a man wearing a beard is usually in a movie when the main character has “let himself go”. They’re usually getting over a drunken night and in some ratty apartment. Somewhere between the neanderthal and the modern age man, facial hair became taboo.

man pic 2


The job market has changed significantly over the last couple of hundred years. During the early stages of America, men would usually handle the construction work, police work, firemen and other hard labor. Today, a good job is behind a cubicle or in staff meetings eight hours a day. The participation rate of men 25 to 54 is 97.7% in the workforce. In rate steadily dropped to a record low of 88.4% in 2012. Median wages earned by American men between the ages of 30 and 50 dropped by 27% after accounting for inflation.

Males account for 70% of all D’s and F’s in public schools, while also spending an average of 13 hours a week on video games adding up to over 10,000 hours of video games by age 21. Also, SAT scores have been the lowest ever in 40 years for young men and only 43% of men are enrolled in college. I just feel like the alpha males have become rejects of society and the dominant accept type of males are usually the nerdy, non-athletic, metro-sexuals. They’re usually non-violent and non-threatening and thirty to forty years ago they would be outcasts.

man pic 3


In hip hop, there is no escape from society’s pressure on change on males to become more andr0gynuous. More artists are wearing skirts, skinny jeans that looks like it could cut off circulation anywhere in your leg. Rappers like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Diddy have all been seen wearing a skirt and other women’s clothing. Not to mention that Lil Wayne and Birdman have been seen kissing on a few occasions, but still hold onto the notion that they are completely straight. I don’t get it. To add onto that an aspiring artist name Young Thug reportedly called Birdman his lover on instagram and wears dresses and paints his finger nails.


Women 35 to 39 years old are 6.4 times more likely to keep their husbands last name. It seems women who are younger than 35 are most likely to keep their own name.

In conclusion

It seems that the beer drinking, physically strong, vocal males have been watered down and no longer have a voice. Even the action movies are steering towards picking actors that are not the traditional tough guy. Shia Lebouf was in 3 Transformers movies and he’s not the ideal action hero you think of saving the day along with mountain sized machines. Shows like Scorpion on CBS, The Mentalist, Person of Interest and others shows that highlight the intellectually gifted over the brawn muscles and high sense of morality that often clashes with protocol.


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Some people want a pretty lie instead of the ugly truth. I get it, for a lot of years I accepted things that were explained to me as a kid. I trusted the sources, whether they were family members telling me what they were taught as children. Teachers whose job it was to cram the material down your throat and absorb the humdrum so you could pass a test or gather research for a paper that was due. I really didn’t learn the underlining truth until after I left school and felt the need to answer some questions that didn’t make sense to me.


Adam and Eve Dilemma 

In the bible the universe is only about 6,000 years old. I don’t know why, but this has been the subject of debate for a long time. I believe in science and I believe the Earth is over 3 billion years old and that mankind has only been around for a couple hundred years. This notion as well as the big bang theory was up for debate and argued by Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham, whose perspective was directly for the idea of creationism.

black Adam and Eve

Another piece of scientific evidence that can be used to debunk the creation of man came from a single woman and man was found in a man’s DNA that ties his lineage back over 300,000 years ago. I found an article in The MadMan Chronicles and it details that a man’sDNA from South Carolina has Y chromosomes that predates the earliest homo sapiens fossils. Discovery News and Science Direct found the dilemma when the volunteer’s DNA sample could not be verified by during a National Geographic Genographic Project. The base pairs to choose from were over 240,000. When the search led to a Mbo connection the project came to a conclusion the idea of a single man and woman creating the human race based on that the Y chromosome was part of a family tree.

Who is the real face of Jesus?

Jesus              Jesus is black                Black Jesus

If you saw your face as the reflected  image and embodiment of Jesus Christ, how much closer to omnipotence would this make you feel? Also, subconsciously how would you look your race? Would it make them godlike as well? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves when we look as pictures of the Lord and Savior. Up and until about 31 BC Jesus was worshipped in this original form, shape and sin complexion, which was not the blue eyes and white skin known today. The tribe of Judah was known to the Hebrews and a dark skin nation, which Jesus was known to have come from. Proof of this has been found on wall carvings in the catacombs of Rome, where a painting of Jesus who was beardless, dark-skinned with short hair was shown. Often his likeness could be found on paintings, carvings and scultpures.

Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo were in competition to win the approval of the King, Pope Alexander VI. Christianity was taken over by Europe at this time and the King had every image of the black Jesus destroyed and the Vatican was remade. Still the King needed a symbol that would lead the countries into the new world of the faith. Leonardo, who knew this and also knew the Pope loved his son Cesare Borgia. Leonardo created a painting of Cesare passed off as Jesus Christ and therefore created the falsehood story that a long-haired, blue-eyed European could somehow been the creator of the Christian faith. Cesare himself had a controversial past, he had a sexual relationship with his sister, and was also blamed for the murder of his own brother Giovanni Juan Borgia. Cesare Borgia was also a mass murderer and homosexual.My skin upon is black upon me.(Job 30:30)

The King James Version

King James Version

What can I say about this one. Oh, I know King James is not who he seems to be. Honestly, I was probably the most surprised when I did the research on him than anyone else on this blog. King James of Scotland/England I wanted to make his own version of the bible. One that was denied to the common people unlike the Geneve Bible that was for everyone’s use. The KJB was for government publication solely because of the “divine right of Kings” taught to him by his mother Mary Stuart aka Bloody Mary. King James was notably to the product of adultery since Mary Stuart had an affair behind her husband’s back, King Henry. David Rizzio an Italian secretary was King James father by birth. He was executed by King Henry after he learned of the affair.

Mary had many affairs behind her husbands back and often tried to kill him as well. She tried to kill him in a gunpowder explosion, but when he survived, he was mysteriously suffocated that same night. Mary was to blame for her husband’s death and put death herself by Elizabeth I of England who was her cousin. Charming family right!!!!! Before her death, Mary got the name Bloody Mary because during her reign she executed another cousin Lady Jane Grey to avoid any power struggle between them. She executed hundreds of protestant leaders with the intent to turn the church back into Roman Catholicism. To her being a protestant was a “crime” punishable only by death.

Remember, that was the mother who was a psychopath murdering, adultrist. Her son was not far behind. King James authorized the publication and production for the King James Version of the Bible, which was translated from Greek and Hebrew to English. While he didn’t hover over the authors of the new bible he did, however, provide rules they had to follow during the translation.

1.      The ordinary Bible read in the church, commonly called the Bishop’s Bible to be followed and as little altered as the truth of the original will permit.

2.      Or, since the common people preferred the Geneva Bible to the existing government publication, let’s see if we can slip a superseding government publication onto their bookshelves, altered as little as possible.

3.      The old Ecclesiastical words to be kept, viz. the word “church” not to be translated “congregation,” etc.

4.      That is, if a word should be translated a certain way, let’s deliberately mistranslated it to make the people think God still belongs to the Anglican Church — exclusively.

5.      No marginal notes at all to be affixed, but only for the explanation of the Hebrew or Greek words, which cannot without some circumlocution, so briefly and fitly be expressed in the text.

witch trials                                         witch trials again

The part that is more troubling is that King James was in fact a homosexual. It seems odd, the one who authorized the KJB like kissing young boys and men more than women. His conduct was documented in books like James I: The Fool As King and King James-VI of Scotland/I of England. He was nicknamed by the townspeople Queen James to mock his sexual relationships. In his teenage years James had a relationship with Esme’ Stuart, Earl of Lennox, which was not accepted by church leaders who forced Esme’ to flee Scotland. King James also kissed Francis Stewart Hepburn and was known to have a sexual relationship with him as well. King James also had affairs with George Villiers, and called Villiers his wife as well.

Another oddity about James was he enjoyed killing animals and would roll around in their blood for fun. It was rumored that he also practiced bestiality on the animals while they were dying. He would sanction witch trials and enjoyed the torture and killing of women whom he thought practiced witchcraft. When a jury acquitted Barbara Napier for witch craft, King James was so angered by the verdict, he wrote to the court to have the jury sentenced to death. Ironically, they reversed their decision and Barbara Napier was put to death.

The North Berwick witch trials started in 1589 by King James back in Scotland. An estimated 4,000 to 6,000 people were executed during the trials. King James published a book that was meant for defense against witches. Daemonologie  was three books used solely to hunt, capture and kill witches. They also discussed possession, demons, were-wolves, fairies, ghosts and necromancy.


I remember Dionna Warwicks attack on hip hop from its derogatory lyrics add references to violence on a constant basis. Being a child of the culture I thought to myself she and anyone who thought like her was wrong and were only using attacks on rap music to get back at the fact that they were old and out of touch with what was current in music. Now that the child has grown up in music I honestly say now Mrs. Warwick may have been right all along. Not just with music, but with movies and video games have become more aggressive and realistic. I also feel they are subconsciously fulfilling a psychological primate need to kill and create destruction that is within all of us. I recently saw the movie “The Purge” which led me to ask, “How far off are we from this becoming a reality?”

What does science say about listening to music?

A few years ago a team of Montreal researchers were trying to pinpoint “the potent pleasurable stimulus” that music creates. The study was published in Nature NeuroScience online magazine. The research was based off of taking a study group of 217 that was dwindled down to the top ten who most reliably got “chills” listening to instrumental music. The group was then asked to bring in a playlist of their favorite songs. Combining the methodology of both PET and fMRI they were able to accurate snapshot of the activity in the brain while you listen to music. The first discovery is that dopamine is released in both dorsal and ventral striatum when triggered by music. Both regions of the brain have long been associated with pleasurable stimuli. The result in the listening to music is we get a sense of happiness normally listening to music we like. My question to that is could the same effect music has on the dopamine release also trigger drops of seratonin the chemical responsible for violent aggressive behavior in certain individuals? Something to think about.

I know it’s a stretch to think that just listening to music can make you a killer. On the other hand Tyler Hadley(17yrs old) told his friend Michael Mandell that he had done exactly that. Become a killer I mean, Tyler confessed to killing both his parents with hammer hours before he had over 60 people over his house for a house party. Don’t worry the room where he killed his parents was locked and only Tyler and Michael knew why the door was locked and blocked off. Mandell states Hadley told him that the devil possessed him along with rap music and constant arguing with his parents. Tyler also confessed to taking the drug ecstasy. Mandell was in disbelief about the whole event. “After he told me, I didn’t believe him because he’s been my best friend forever. I would never suspect anything like this,” Mandell said. “I was looking around, he told me if I look enough I could see signs. I looked on the floor and could see signs of blood.”

Science and films

Neurocinematic studies aim to find out the secrets our brains holds during share experience behind movie watching. “Movies are highly complex, multidimensional stimuli,” said Uri Hasson, a neuroscientist and psychologist at Princeton University. “Some areas of the brain analyze sound bites, some analyze word context, some the sentence content, music, emotional aspect, color or motion.”In one study, for example, they used functional magnetic resonance imaging—or a procedure that measures brain activity by detecting changes in blood flow—to watch volunteer’s brains as they viewed Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Alfred Hitchcock’s Bang! You’re Dead and Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. They also showed participants unedited clips of a random scene filmed in Washington Square park in New York City, which they thought would most closely reflect a cinematic experience of reality. They then compared all of the viewers’ neurological responses to calculate an inter-subject correlation, or the degree to which brain processes aligned between viewers watching the same film.

Not all movies elicited the same cranial reactions, they found. The highly structured Hitchcock film similarly engaged nearly 65 percent of the viewers’ cortexes (the outer layer of the brain that plays a role in processing memory, attention, awareness, thought, language and consciousness), for example, while the segments of reality taken from the park engaged the same responses in only about 5 percent of the viewers’ cortexes. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ranked similar to Hitchcock, at 45 percent, while Curb Your Enthusiasm fell to 18 percent.

In other words, highly controlled films, in turn, exert a higher level of control on viewers’ minds than unstructured clips that are closer to our day-to-day experiences of reality. When Hitchcock directs our gaze to a bloody knife or an open door, we all look together. In real life, however, our attention is diverted, focusing at will on the guy with the newspaper, the woman wrestling with her shopping bags or the wind in the trees, with little rhyme or reason. Neurocinematic studies while it is still a young field may in theory use movies to study the behavior in the brain.

We have discussed the science behind movies and the studies that may lead us into finding out if movies can actually direct us to kill. While that is still for the future to let us know, movies are being blamed for crime and murder today. The Colorado shooter James Holmes was quoted as saying “I am the Joker” when he was caught by police. Holmes also mimicked the Joker by booby trapping his own apartment. A couple in Chicago tried to rob a bank wearing nun habit’s and ghoulish masks. The couple was said to have gotten the idea from watching the movie “The Town” where the robbers wore a nun’s habit, semi auto’s and a big bag for the cash. The couple walked away with $120,000 dollars before getting caught.

Kyle Shaw a teenager who was inspired by “Project Mayhem” from the movie “Fight Club”. Shaw was able to set off a bomb made out of fireworks, a plastic bottle and electrical tape outside a starbucks in NYC back in 2009. One of Shaw’s classmates said that Shaw was well-known for his obsession with the book and movie. In Iowa one male student bit over 10 girls in one month after watching the Twilight films. His father knew about the boys over indulgent love for the film and the boy was sent to juvenile corrections. Who did see this coming? The popular show Dexter has at least one fanatic that claims they highly influenced by the show. Andrew Conley(17) strangled his 10-year-old brother by choking him out. Prosecutor Aaron Negangard says “The fact is, he has said on numerous occasions he had fantasized about killing people,” In fact, an hour into his first interrogation by police, Conley said, “I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it’s called ‘Dexter,’ and it’s on Showtime. And I feel like him because he’s a serial killer of bad people but I just feel like him.”

Films like Natural Born Killers, Mortal Kombat, Doom and The Basketball Diaries were accused of inspiring murder including the mass shooting that happened at Columbine High School. Lee Boyd Malvo was convicted of murder in 2002 for sniper attacks in Washington DC. It was stated that Malvo was gripped by the idea that he was in a blurred reality and was being mind controlled. The idea came from the groundbreaking special effect autochthonous film “The Matrix”, he even wrote in his cell “Free yourself of the Matrix.” The “Matrix Defense” was also used in the case of Vadim Mieseges a San Franciso man who dismembered his landlady and told police he was sucked into “The Matrix”. He was found not guilty by plea of insanity.

Thierry Jaradin who was 24 years old stabbed his neighbor Alison Cambier who was 15 years old 30 times while wearing  a black robe and ghoulish mask worn by the killers in the Scream movie. It is said that Jaradin killed Cambier because she did not want his sexual advances. John Hinckley Jr. was said to have been inspired by the movie “Taxi Driver” Hinckley who was fixated on Jodie Foster’s character attempted to shoot President Reagan six times, but only 1 bullets hit Reagan at the time. Reagan’s press secretary was hit in the head by another bullet meant for the President. Hinckley, who was later found not guilty by reason of insanity, said that the shooting was “the greatest love offering in the history of the world,” and that “Everybody, but everybody, knows about John and Jodie.”

Science behind Video Games

Specific types of video games may have a multitude of effects on and improvements and visuospatial attention.  Video games differ on a range of dimensions and use different cognitive, affective and behavioral systems. Evidence is growing that emphasizes that video games effect social and antisocial behaviors, cognitive styles and affective processing. Laboratory studies of the relationship between exposure to video game violence and aggression demonstrate that exposure( as little as 15-30 min) to violent content during game play can result in increases of aggressive thoughts and actions.

Further research examining the effects of video game violence on aggression can be understood within the context of the general aggression model(GAM). GAM is a bio-social-cognitive theory designed to account for short and long-term effects of exposure to media violence. Continued repeated exposure and reinforcement of aggression can lead to the negative development of aggressive beliefs, attitudes, perceptual schemata, expectations, behavior scripts and desensitization to aggression. The end result is a possible increase  in aggressive personality and changes in situational variables including peer groups and social activities.

One instant where life imitates art too well is where a 8-year-old boy from Slaughter, LA(that’s a real town) shot his 90-year-old caregiver in the back of the head. Police say the boy was playing Grand Theft Auto shortly before the boy murdered Marie Smothers with one shot. In the state of Louisiana anyone under the age of 10 years of age cannot be charged with a crime. “You have a child that does not know the impact or the consequences of the act that he has committed,” Sclynski Legier, an attorney, told WAFB-TV. “He truly doesn’t understand that.” It was never made clear how the 8-year-old got access to the .38 caliber weapon that was used in the slaying of the woman the boy says had a “normal, loving relationship.”

In 2007 sixteen year old Danny Petric shot both his parents because they banned him from playing Halo 3 in their home. The father found out the teen bought the video game and kept it over a friend’s house after the father forbid him from playing it. The father then put the game in a locked gun cabinet. Danny gained access to both the gun and video game and shot both parents after they sat down to watch a baseball game. The father lived and later blamed the crime on Halo 3.

In 2008 in New York City six teens went on a crime spree in Grand Theft Auto fashion. During the spree there was a reported mugging, motorists were robbed  and smashing vehicles with crowbars and baseball bats. After they were eventually caught and arrested, Det. Sgt Anthony Repalone said “It was determined that they were emulating the character in that Grand Theft Auto game, going on a crime spree.” and “’We got certain admissions’ from the boys.” There is no word on the final sentence of the boys. We can be sure that their Grand Theft Auto defense probably didn’t help sway anyone in their favor in court.

To bring this article to a close, there is substantial evidence mounting against video games, movies and even music to a degree. All three of these mediums contain mind altering and mood altering traits that have been blamed on increased aggression in our society and our culture. For some people it is a stretch to believe that playing a game can end up killing someone. Personal responsibility, ethics, morals and values has to weigh in at some point on this complex, immeasurable quagmire.With that in mind if all people needed was a push then the increase aggression and the other negative attributes would be just that right nudge.  As always what do you think???/


In the times of gay right progression and gay marriage it seems that equality for individuals is a reality that has come to life that we have been waiting for. With a majority of society advocating for gay rights, no voice has made a louder screaming cry than the music and entertainment industry.  So why hasn’t the industry been more aggressive with bringing more gay/lesbian artists to the forefront into the mainstream????

You would think with the coming out of Frank Ocean the circle would be complete. What I mean is rock n roll/ pop music are no strangers to safe housing homosexual artists and fans. So with a hip hop/ r & b artist coming out and still be respected then I believe that the music industry as a whole would be liberated. It still feels like there is a stigma attached with being gay in the music industry. There are constant rumors within the hip hop/r&b world about individuals like Ne-Yo, Janelle Monae, Trey Songz, Busta Rhymes, Sean P. Diddy Combs and others as well. Honestly it seems there are more artists fighting for gay rights who are heterosexuals than actual gays in the spotlight.  I believe artists like Lady Gaga and Macklemore/Ryan Lewis are exploiting the issue of being gay to standpoint themselves as a champion for LGBT equality. In reality though becoming the expounder when in fact your are not living that reality brings a falsehood to the message in my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong you can fight for a cause without being among the populace. Takes civil rights for instance, there were many whites protesting for equal rights along with blacks during the march on Washington. My point is you wouldn’t see a white person that would be as embraced among the black community as opposed to Martin Luther King Jr. Just my opinion. Gays and lesbians should have more of a prevalent stake in the music industry in the public eye not behind closed doors. I mean the WWE now has an openly gay wrestler by the name Darren Young. A few months among Alan Gendreau made headlines with attempting to become the first football kicker in the league. Jason Collins became the first openly gay basketball player earlier this year. I bring these points up knowing there is still a besmirchment about being gay in the music community I feel that is not acceptable anymore.  With over 10 million people openly identifying themselves as gay/lesbian bisexual or transgender you would think the number of openly gay music artists would be greater.  What do you think about it though??? If you are gay and reading this blog do you feel you are properly represented in the music/entertainment industry? What do you feel needs to be changed in the industry itself? Let me know your thoughts.