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It’s been awhile since I wrote in this blog. It’s appeared to me that some Americans have become concerned about foreign Muslim terror cells coming into this country and killing, and slaughtering innocent lives. What’s been more present is the fear factor among some people who has created this hysteria. Even though among the 14 people killed in the recent San Bernardino killings, two of them were black, it has certainly been more fear mongering from the conservative pool which a majority of those voters are white.

I watched a recent short documentary on the KKK, which seems to be rekindling their old flames of hatred, bigotry, violence, ignorance and yes terrorism. It seems idiosyncratic that pundits on tv and newspapers jump to the word terror the second they get a whiff of a Muslim sounding or influenced name. On the other side of the coin, Dylan Roof the man who executed nine members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church didn’t get that same label. It seems the characterization of that name was just out of reach for America to grasp, not to African-Americans whom never forgot about these types of attacks. In the weeks following the shooting in Charleston there were 6 arson fires in the St Louis area. Most of them were set on black churches. For me, how I see it African-Americans have been living with domestic terrorism far as long as the first slave ships entered into “Turtle Island“(taken from the Aboriginal Creation story).

The issue is it’s not just a few church burnings that keeps black people in fear and delirium. It’s the domestic terrorist groups like the KKK and the White Knights that have woven their hatred in secrecy into different factions of society. One thing that should become unquestionable is the fact since blacks and other minority groups are fighting a war against hate mongers, is that two offensive fronts have been put in place. The ones we see everyday are what I would call your classic bigot in the spotlight. This includes, the likes of Bill O’ Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others who spew hatred the myth that the “White Man” is losing the country to N#$%% and Sp&^%, Jews and of course the Sand N%$%^.

These guys on the front lines of their views represent a portion of the country that feels affirmative action, welfare and other government programs are only out to help minority groups, even when the numbers prove they themselves are the top beneficiaries. More importantly than that are the racists and domestic terrorists that are hidden in the shadows and remain elusive. These men and women are more dangerous than any pundit, because just like the War on Terror, you don’t know who to look for and distinguish the rest from who are the real enemy.

One such case came to light back in 2006 when the FBI released a seven page document that revealed White Supremacist groups have actively pursued positions in law enforcement. Now, this may be new information to the mass public, but if you say this to anyone in a local black barbershop, you won’t even get a side look. This information has been long suspected among blacks, but my concern lies in what other pockets of government and public service could a potential White Supremacist be lurking. Could it be a congressman/woman, a judge, a doctor who you rely on on the operating table. The scary truth is as long as we don’t know anyone could be an agent. Like Neo from the Matrix fighting the agents, we just don’t know until they reveal their true selves.

One potential ally took a bold stance a month ago and released the names of possible affiliated KKK members. Anonymous who stated, “We are trying to change our world…”, even if this list is bogus, it does present evidence a chaotic coadjuvant relationship in positions of power that seems to create the balancing act circus that minorities have become uncomfortably accustomed to. The saying the pen is mightier than the sword speaks to the policies that were put into place that laid a foundation for the discriminatory practices such as Redlining, Sharecropping, Jim Crow among others. Black unemployment is at epidemic levels, black business ownership is way below any other race and house ownership is down as well. While walking into a massacre is probably the scariest scene one could ever encounter, we can’t undermine the back door meetings and operations that continually to plague communities that are underserved, set aside and forgotten about.


It Love healthseems that love is overrated. Excuse me, the portrayal of love on tv, movies and online is overrated. There’s a million movies about the story of two young lovers finding fate and themselves and then fighting all the odds to become star crossed lovers. It’s the tale of love conquers all, but it only happens when you’re young and have no responsibilities. The other side are the blundering mid 30’s or 40’s age when the kids are hormone raging teens, your job has become mundane drudgery and your parents seem to be enjoying their golden age. Some how the characters are stuck in the middle, where the love well is drying up and they re-evaluate their love, but not until temptation, either from another person or life changing event happens. Out of both types of romance movies, which one is the one that makes it through?

Oddly enough, according to Steinberg’s Triangular Love Theory, and my own interpretation of those types of movies, I would say the middle aged couple that hit a lull has a better chance than the hopelessly madly in love that conquers all types. Why?….Well, let’s be honest with ourselves if you’ve been in those fiery type of romances, it’s just like the movies. Excitement, sex, enjoyment, sex, drunken nights, sex, recklessness and more sex. These types of relationships fit into the category of “Romantic Love, ” according to Steinberg. To put it simply, there’s a lot of passion and even intimacy, but it lacks commitment which Consummate Love contains intimacy, passion and commitment. Isn’t the fun part, though finding love and learning the person? Take for existence Titanic, would you have liked the story any different if you saw that Leonardo’s character made it out alive and twenty years later they’re arguing about mortgage payments and why he doesn’t do the same things he used when they first met?

Steinberg’s Triangular Theory of Love has six types of love: Companionate Love-This has intimacy and commitment, but no passion. Commitment-Empty Love, commitment alone. Fatuous Love-Passion and Commitment, but no intimacy. Passion-Infatuation, passion alone. Romantic Love-Intimacy and Passion, but no commitment. Intimacy-Liking, intimacy alone. Consummate as I talked about earlier is the sum of all of them equally. Too often times I see people trying to find love and it seems they have more lust for the person then an actual connection and when the fantasy fades and the girl or boy no longer encaptures what they mislead themselves to think the fun is over and the problems usually occur.

Too many times the benefits of love are overlooked and not mentioned. We can promote sex on the radio as early as the sunrise, but mentioning love somehow seems uncool and talked down about, like it’s some deviant behavior. There are some health benefits of finding love and maintaining a healthy love life. Love has been said to increase your immune system, help keep the pounds off if you exercise with your loved one, lower mortality rates for happy couples, that healthy glow due to less acne causing cortisol from lower stress levels when in love. Cardiovascular health is an added benefit from love as well as holding someone’s hand, can actually decrease the feelings of pain. Having sex once a week can increase estrogen levels and regulate menstrual cycles for women. Last, couples that are deep in love actually have more dopamine brain activity which can be associated with optimism, energy and a sense of well-being.

Love is so powerful, that on a physiological level seeing an attractive face activates the same part of the brain that reacts from painkillers, the opioid system. Being in love makes the heart grow fonder, or least makes the blood flow according to MRI scans that show the nucleus accumbens region has increased blood flow during times of love. A drop in serotonin, maybe an explanation why new lovers sometimes only seem to concentrate on each other and ignore the other person’s faults. When couples are in love for a little while to create the attachment phase. During this phase oxytocin and vasopressin spread throughout the brain and create feelings of well-being and security.

With all these facts about the health benefits and senses of well-being, then why isn’t America more proactive about promoting falling and maintaining love lasting relationships? I know finding true love is hard, but the alternative is a loveless society.



A few months ago I read an article about the increasing number of African-American abortions in NYC. In 2012 there were actually more black babies killed from abortion than there were born. Honestly, when I read the article I thought, “That’s crazy!”, but after a day or so I forgot about the article and went about life without too much concern about it. I would say… Well, if a woman chooses to have an abortion, why not. The issue is the 31,328 babies aborted and 24,758 babies born. The number represents 42.4% of all the abortions in NYC according to the NYC Department of Mental Health and Hygiene. 6.570 more abortions than live births than for black babies.  Hispanic women came in second with 22,917  abortions, which makes up 31% of total abortions in NYC. That’s 73% of abortions in NYC in 2012 were either Black or Hispanic.


Ever since high school, I remember standing up for a women’s right to choose on the issue of having a baby. I always saw those, who say they are pro-life as cruel and forcefully holding their views and judgments on others. Now, I really don’t care when life begins at what stage of pregnancy, I still firmly believe in a woman’s right to make decisions over her own body. Where it gets into deeper waters for me is if having an abortion is something that is subjected subconsciously into minorities more than other races by society as a whole. Having a baby is deemed socially unacceptable if you’re a single minority female.

A more sinister plot behind telling minority women not to have babies is the theory of Eugenics. The study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities ofthe human species or a human population, especially by such meansas discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects orpresumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics)or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritabledesirable traits (positive eugenics). This idea was created by Francis Galton, who is the half cousin of Charles Darwin. He came up with the concept of Eugenics to cleanse the gene pool of the impure. The insane, mentally unstable, handicapped and the racially superior groups he called Nordic Race or Aryan race. 

Now if we could fast forward from the beginning of Eugenics to know ya’ll a devised plot to eliminate, destroy the black and other minorities through what looks like to me is volunteer genocide. When you look at the figures I posted in the first paragraph you see clearly those figures are not making sense. The term used for African genocide is Maafa  in I saw a film that showed a clear link from planned parenthood to Eugenics. After watching the film I learned about the calculated killings of blacks and sterilization of minority women for population control purposes. Blacks and Hispanics were seen as inferior compared to the Nordic Race and whites should never intermingle with them or their children will share these inferior traits.

According to Black there have been 16 million abortions from 1973 to present day. This outnumbers death in the black community by AIDS, violent crimes, Cancer, Accidents and Heart Disease combined! Blacks are only 13% of the population,but underwent 36% of all abortions in the US. About 1,876 abortions per day in the US come from black women. Those 16 million more lives added to our current 36 million would tally up to 52 million people in our current economy. This would have given the black community an enormous boost in economical, financial and social power at our disposal, which is exactly what some people do not want happening.

Not On Our Side-

I would’ve not believed this plot to weaken our race, but if you look at it in terms of numbers and stats it puts things into simplicity. 77% of the US population are Whites, 13% are Blacks, 16% are Latino. Blacks and Hispanics are the only racial group that is close seconds to the number of whites in this country. Ironically, they are also the groups who share the most abortions in this country. Now, this is not some sort of conspiracy theory that they have more abortions. The part that is mind-boggling to me is the governments outcry for more babies to be born to help keep programs like social security and other federally assisted programs afloat. The US birth rate has hit a record low, according to the US News and World Report. Women in higher socioeconomic classes and top positions are having less babies and focusing more on their careers. Married woman are also having less babies as well. It seems more newlyweds that are bogged down by debt of school loans, mortgages, car payments and other monthly bills as having issues trying to keep up with the traditional get married, get a house , have a family ideology as their parents and grandparents. In fact, more couples are holding off marriages and children to focus on other things.

In other countries like Japan, Germany, Australia, Russia and Taiwan they are also seeing drops in the birth rate as well. One solution in the US for the birth rate problem and it only applies to the affluent is having a surrogate mother. These mothers are implanted with the donor’s egg and another’s sperm. Surrogacy is very pricey and can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and has a moderate chance of rejection by the surrogate’s body. In one article a procedure had to be done multiple times before the baby was able to handle the pregnancy. Still, according to SART in 2011 only 1,593 babies born were from surrogates.

It just feels like if the birth rate is such a problem in America and other countries and we truly wanted to sustain our economy with more children to become more workers and producers in the future, then we would give some more incentive for minority women to have babies since these are the groups that more likely to have abortions. I truly believe it is not the intentions of the US or any other government to promote keeping their babies since they are not of Aryan descent. Yes, racism is still alive and well and not going anywhere.

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I like to read blogs just as much as I like to write them. I came across a blog called  I read a couple of the blogs she wrote and enjoyed her honesty and freedom to express herself that sometimes I lack in my own writing. I often look for the best description of a word or most creative way to imagine a scene from my life. Alice seems to posts her stories and memories with no inhibitions. Her being brutally honest takes you with along places you may not want to see. The story “Exposed” leaves you at the moment she’s lying in the shower with trembling in fear that she might get raped.  Another story takes you into a music festival where she finds a phone and decides she wants to be mischievous. The night ends with the girl getting her phone back, but friend and family think she is now pregnant.  I also agree with her post “Making love is boring post” . If you have sometime check out her posts. They are not for the weak of heart so be ready.

Stripper                               Phone Sex In the last part of this two-part blog, I talked about the controversy surrounding pornography and prostitution and the pros and cons of both professions. The next two parts I want to talk about are two other sex driven industries that do not include physical sexual intercourse in their day-to-day practices. The next industries I want to discuss are phone sex operators and strippers. I explained my history with going to strip clubs in my youth and I even had a system after becoming a vet so I wouldn’t go broke all the time. I brung $60 dollars $20 dollars were for drinks and tips for the girls and the other $40 dollars was for one to two dances for the girl who caught my eye. At that time most places were $20 dollars for a dance. I am guilty of spending whole paychecks at a time if girl talked a good game to me and I was particularly lascivious that night.

Stripping Let’s forget my experience for a second with going to strip clubs and talk about the psychological effects of the profession on an individual. In an article I read about a feminist who called into a radio station to oppose gentleman’s clubs. Her view was that it was degrading to women and treated them unfairly. On the other side of the argument was a female strip club owner who says that those types of clubs are harmless fun and also natural. I had a girlfriend whose grandmother owned her in-house strip club, another story for another time.  A scientific study conducted by Daniel Downs and Gloria Cowan of California State University in 2006. The study reviewed 40 exotic dancers and another 40 young females who did not strip for a living. What they found during the interviews, surveys validated there hypotheses :

  • Strippers had remarkably less satisfaction from their personal relationships and were more likely to think their romantic partnerships would fail
  • There was no difference in self-esteem between strippers and non-strippers
  • Strippers prized their physical appearance over and above their other qualities and abilities.
  • If a stripper felt their body was not beautiful enough, their self-esteem would be affected.
  • Strippers seemed to be slightly less satisfied with their body and were more likely to scrutinize their physical appearance. More often they would “be ashamed if people knew what I really weigh”.

The evidence supported the strip club owner that there was not hard evidence suggesting that exotic dancers do not suffer any loss of self-esteem of sense of self-worth. While the findings suggesting strippers tend to be preoccupied with their bodies the sample size of the survey was still too small to determine with absolution. Plus, the strippers were older than the girls who didn’t strip. Honestly to add on to what the article suggests, is don’t forget industries such fitness and health, entertainment such as ballet, stage dancers, sport figures and athletes are also industries that focus highly on the physical appearance of an individual’s body. Now I want to look at a personal account of stripping and a woman’s own personal experience. One woman’s experience is that in the strip clubs a lot of places let you make your own schedule. She also mentions even though a lot of guys come on weekends, they may not be spending any real money and the weekdays can make you a lot of money if someone is the patient.

Money is also a driving force for most strippers and they can make a lot of it in a very short amount of time. This quick abundance of cash can give off a sudden independence and self-gratitude. The girl also mentions that the scheduling allows for freedom for vacations and traveling even if it is to go to other strip clubs as long as advance notice is given. She even gives times of the year where the best places to go are. For example, during the winter months, she says to go to Miami, during the summer, Boston, NY and Chicago and even going to Japan because the Japanese love American women and will pay top dollar. Avoid Philippines and Thailand, because they don’t adhere to the same laws and rules as America. The girl mentions that if girls work the higher end clubs and hustle they can make upwards to about $250,000 dollars a year or more. Who’s can see the downside to that it all sounds magical right? Well, now it’s time to bring you down to reality.

The first downside, she notes is that once you have worked in the industry for a while you can fall into a sad and depressing state of mind and ask yourself, What am I doing with my life? She also mentions it is hard to relate to people outside of stripping and that even strippers with all the money find themselves counting down till it’s time to leave for good. Another downside that she found was having all the money, but not doing anything to improve herself such as school, etc.  The girl of the article notes that the depression can spark from not being “picked” if a guy rejects you for another girl and you may find yourself wanting to drink more and more. One other thing she pointed out was the number of girls she saw who were single, divorced or in unhappy relationships because their significant other couldn’t handle their profession. Stick to a schedule and keep your personal life a priority among anything else. In the Sydney Morning Herald I read an article by Winnie, who to me represents a large portion who finds themselves being looked at backwards and not accepting of the current times, because they don’t want to be objectified nor do they want to look at other women going through that at strip clubs.

If a  woman voices her opinion about not wanting to go out for a night of ogling another woman’s rack while their date is entranced by the assortment of women’s stature. The fact is our culture has become more and more sex-crazed and we forget there was a time where going to strip clubs wasn’t popular and it was just a guys night out. The time it moment it became dinner plans between a newly dating couple or even some that are long-term is beyond me. There’s a gentleman’s club in Las Vegas called Deja Vu has some of their dancers aboard a specially equipped truck with a pole and a see through window that drives up and down Las Vegas Boulevard nightly. The idea was brought about to bring more customers and it has paid off immensely. “It’s about the bottom line and putting customers in the club,” said Larry Beard with Deja Vu. “We are in a recession, so every little bit of business helps.” “We thought it was a good idea, but the response has been overwhelming compared to what we thought it would be,” said Beard. What an awesome idea. I wish I would have thought of it. Marketing at its best,” said Deja Vu dancer Kay.  County Commissioner Steve Sisolak does pose the problem of driver distraction that the stripper mobile has for other drivers on the road.

The Commissioner even wants to make it a matter for the sheriff and DA’s office. “The driver looks over at it and goes up the sidewalk and plows down 12 people, we are going to have a real problem,” he said. They are trying to find opposition legally that this form of advertisement is allowed or that it can be stopped. “I’d like the operation to cease or at least put it in a more appropriate location,” he said. The nightclub says to be mindful of families on the Strip they only have the truck out between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Phone Sex- Have you ever thought about becoming a phone sex operator? I remember telling a friend of mine she had a sexy phone sex voice and to use it to her advantage and make some money. Honestly the girl was no stranger to being a sexual deviant and I thought since she needed the money anyway, it might be a job she would be naturally good at. She said she called a place I looked up to her, but she didn’t want to do it. I know there are some of you out there who think they might be a good candidate for such a job. Well, let me give some pros and cons from some people who have lived the life and can tell their story.  I found a blog online where parents share stories and give their perspective and assistance with different problems. Well a topic of discussion was the good and bad about being a phone sex operator. Emily’s perspective was positive by saying with a legit company phone sex operator can make good money. She says she made $650 dollars in a day and if you get a “normal” guy the conversation was fun for her. The company she worked for let her log in and out as she pleased, but says a lot of the places have set hours.

You can also receive tips the Emily adds.  On the other side Emily did add negative point that she was grossed out by guys wanting to speak with girls young and I mean grade school young. Sometimes, guys call just to talk, the bad part is in a business where they pay for their talk time they can run over their minutes and still just be talking. Some companies Emily adds can pay very little and you will work long hours. She mention that guys can sometimes become mad if you don’t meet them for sex after talking with them and keep in mind your in competition with 300 plus girls all wanting the same guy to spend his money on their phone time.

Emily also talks about not knowing who will call and the fact that some girls can be logged in for hours and not get one call all day long. You also have to have a dirty mind to keep interested. Another blogger who had 5 years in the game said her experiences were more positive than negative and the guys she talked to weren’t disgusting or child molestors, but guys who enjoyed the company the voice of a woman who could provide a fantasy. I look at like this guy have you ever tried to watch a porno with no volume? Was it as sexually arousing as watching it with the sound on? We use all our senses for arousal and they say men are sexual beings and that we are visual creatures, but at least in my case it’s what I hear that makes a difference and stimulates me.

Dr. Justin R. Garcia an Evolutionary Biologist with Kinsey Institute at Indiana University confirms my belief. “We know that sound is really important during sex,” he said. Indeed, a quick online search unveiled a study by James M Dabbs of Georgia State University showing that the pupils of both males and females dilate more in response to sexual auditory stimuli than to other kinds. Garcia explained that we use sound to direct sexual energy and to communicate a sense of pleasure. “A big part of this is performance-based, and that’s not a bad thing — that’s just a reality of sex,” Honestly though there is a rise of women joining the ranks of phone sex operators. Melanie is another example of someone who left her rat race corporate job to work for herself as a phone sex operator. Noticing the trend of increasing jobs at home where the markets have increased 14% overall from 2001 is extraordinary. Melanie mentions speaking with someone who brings her attention of mothers who are on the rise for this line of work, because it gives them more time with the kids at home. Melanie, who called herself “Pussy Willow” who already had a clientage on her first time as an operator. She thought of some advice she was given to help her with the day:“Being a phone sex operator is like Russian roulette in that you never know what you’re going to get.

One client might want me to tell him to swallow his own semen because he’s totally into humiliation, and an hour later I could be blowing up balloons for another guy.” Dr. Garcia goes on to say that all senses are tantalized during sex.  Visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, and tactile. When it comes to which aspect of our sensory system is most important during sex, he offers a hypothetical: “Consider a silent sensual massage versus clumsy petting accompanied by sexy talk. The two are hard to compare for obvious reasons.” Since the quality of stimuli and individual preferences can vary so widely, it’s impossible to make blanket statements. According to in 2011 within 18 months the rate of mothers of young children becoming phone sex operators jumped 400%. Chris Dunst CEO of the company adds: “Most sound a little embarrassed,” she told “Good Morning America” of the moms who reach out to her, in search of phone sex work.” “They say, ‘I’ve tried everything. It’s come to the point my family is on food stamps.

We can’t make the rent and are facing foreclosure. This is the fastest way for me to get my family back on my feet again.'” “There was a lot of having to get used to just, you know, the weirdos out there,” she said. “There is basically anything you could think of. There’s married men with children. There’s divorced men. Sometimes, every once in a while, there’s a couple that’ll call,” she said. “More recently, there’s actually been a few women calling.” Women can make anywhere from $10 – $50 dollars an hour and sometimes more than that. According to Chris Dunst many of the phone sex companies offer direct deposit, flexible hours around the individual’s schedule, free training and gift card deposit if someone doesn’t have  bank account.

The idea of these phone sex operators being bad mother all depends on who you ask. “It’s probably not the most appropriate,” said another, when asked by “GMA” whether she thought it was acceptable for the mother of a young child to get paid to speak intimately with strangers. “I get to spend time with my son,” she said. “I have to go into the office when I work, but the office is just one room away from my living room. I take calls for half-a-hour and I’m back to my son again.” “Your priority as a mother is to financially and emotionally be there for your children,” mom-of-three, Lynn, told “GMA.” “Phone sex helps me provide financial support for them.”

prostitute                                    porn star

After reading an article about the life a porn star and hearing about how unfairly they are treated not only in public society, but in their own industry not counting politics as well. I found myself dismissing one person’s testimony to this discrimination based on the case she has sex for money. Yet I am guilty of watching porn and going to strip clubs. How could I be so snobbish when I was a frequent party goer at these places, but I really can’t justify standing up for an industry I wouldn’t let my daughters enter into. Here is another contradictory issue I am guilty of saying that my own female friends could enter into the adult industry as strippers, phone sex operators or even porn stars when they complained of not having enough money. I would say things like “You have a stripper body?” or “You have a nice phone sex voice” so why would I say these things and then shun the very industry I got enjoyment and lust from. For this blog lets explore the controversies that surround these industries.

This blog was sparked by an article I read where Belle Knox(porn star) was interviewed by playboy where she discusses the dual roles she plays as a double majoring student (sociology & women’s studies) who is looking to go into law school after college. Then there is the adult star that travels from class in North Carolina to the studios in LA on school breaks to “shoot”  a few scenes. Knox said her work was politically motivated and that she wants to use this and tell her story in a positive feminist perspective. She used her jobs as an adult star to further her agenda for liberal feminism and to show them as she calls them: pearl-clutching religious, anti-sex, and often anti-women who are in the confines of Tea Party fundamentalism and Christian rights.

Porn Industry-

Her conservative views have that typical republican “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” predilection. She mentions making cut backs if you can’t afford health care and shooting a porn scene if you don’t have enough money for school. While I highly oppose her logic and methods to make her body the example, female feminist opposition to the male perceptual social order confines. Knox makes a point that a voice or voices need to be heard as reasonable points of views that have either been in the industry or can be the eyes and ears of the industry. I also saw on an interview that porn stars are rarely, if never protected from piracy, which ends up costing the adult star millions. Since politicians do not go as vigorous and direct as they do for performers in another industry that piracy runs loose these stars are forced to pay for there own material protection and take companies or individuals to court themselves. Think about if you’ve gone on a free porn site (guilty!!!) then chances are the person you’re watching is not getting compensated for your viewership. Imagine back when music artist were losing money from places like napster and limewire and how the whole industry started from ground zero to re-structure the royalty payout system and form more stringent protection laws.

The porn industry makes about 5 billion a year domestically and there is an argument says that men get positive effects from watching porn such as they are more confident in sexuality and relationships. In the Supreme Court case of People vs. Freeman, Freeman was accused of paying people to commit acts of prostitution during the filming of “Caught from behind Part 2”, which the court ruled this was not the case. Pornography is protected under the first amendment, but receives backlash from women’s advocacy groups saying that porn cause more sexually related violent attacks against women. To their argument Dr. McKee conducted experiments and found that the groups were right. Long term exposure to porn has shown  increases in rape and other violent crime. It also shows an increase of aggression in males and less sympathy for female victims of rape. A study on sexual assault cases show that out of 38,000 cases 41% of those in Michigan were exposed to pornographic material before the crime. Also, women report that if they were a victim of sexual abuse that pornography played a role. 

Another disturbing survey found out that 35% of men would rape a woman if they would not get caught and 48% would use force to have sex. One study found that states who film and have large distributions of pornographic materials have more rapes than states who don’t.


Prostitution can be defined as

• Defined as “the unlawful promotion of or participation in sexual
activities for profit, including attempts. To solicit customers or
transport persons for prostitution purposes; to own, manage, or
operate a dwelling or other establishment for the purpose of
providing a place where prostitution is performed; or to otherwise
assist or promote prostitution”

In the state of Nevada prostitution is legal. There are a few specifics groups for men if they use, prostitution which are: Difficulty with sexual relationships, difficulty with finding long-term partners, broken relationships and sexual gratification seen as immoral or that their normal sex partner is unwilling to provide. Sociologist Martin Monto found that the most common activity is fellatio, while feminist scholar Meda Chesney-Lind found prostitution provides non emotional sex that can benefit both parties in the transaction. Prostitution is usually a way for runaway girls to survive.  For those of you weren’t aware women do not just become hookers and prostitutes there is a process which first the girl first takes cash for sex, then she decides if they believes this is the lifestyle of not for her to continue on with and then if she makes the decision to continue and lives with her consequences, therefore she won’t need to rationalize her behavior.

Some countries depend on prostitution as part of their GDP. Usually the nations are less developed and depend on rich nations and tourism to help the local economy. They also note as prostitution as one of the oldest professions, well then that leaves how old is prostitution exactly. The oldest instance noted in the history was during the age of Sumerians back in 2400 B.C.
“The Sumerian word for female prostitute, kar.kid, occurs in the earliest lists of professions dating back to  2400 B.C. Since it appears right after nam.lukur, one who was a religious leader at that timeone can assume its connection with temple service. It is of interest that the term kurgarru, a male prostitute or transvestite entertainer, appears on the same list but together with entertainers. This linkage results from a practice connected with the cult of Ishtar, in which a person performed acts using knives. On the same list we find the following female occupations: lady doctor, scribe, barber, cook. Obviously, prostitution, while it is a very old profession, is not the oldest.”- Gerda Lerner

Another noted instance of prostitution in history is the age of the Byzantine empire where Justinian the Great compiled the existing imperial laws into the Corpus Juris Civilis with 38 entries on prostitution. Justinian was married to Empress Theodora, an alleged former prostitute, in 525. They created laws that banished procuresses and brothel keepers from the capital, granted freedom to slaves forced into prostitution, and banned sex in public bathhouses. -Nils Rohan Ringdal

On a page discussing prostitution and the controversy surrounding it, I saw some notable arguments I want to share with you all I thought were good cases for and against it.

PRO: “Why is it illegal to charge for what can be freely dispensed? Sex work is no more moral or immoral than the chocolate or distilling industries.”

CON: “The ILO [International Labour Organization] report admits that most women ‘choose’ prostitution for economic reasons. Surely no one can argue that this is free choice any more than the cattle in the squeeze chute choose to go to their death.”

PRO: “It is estimated that if prostitution were legalized in the United States, the rape rate would decrease by roughly 25% for a decrease of approximately 25,000 rapes per year….”

CON: “Prostitution cannot eliminate rape when it is itself bought rape. The connection between rape and prostitution is that women are turned into objects for men’s sexual use; they can be either bought or stolen. A culture in which women can be bought for use is one in which rape flourishes[.]”

PRO: “Sex work is legitimate work and problems within the industry are not inherent in the work itself. It is vulnerability, not sex work, which creates victims. Sex workers should enjoy the same labour rights as other workers and the same human rights as other people.”

CON: “I believe that we will never succeed in combating trafficking in women if we do not simultaneously work to abolish prostitution and the sexual exploitation of women and children. Particularly in light of the fact that many women in prostitution in countries that have legalized prostitution are originally victims of trafficking in women.”

women with curves

One thing bout having your own blog is being able to talk about whatever topics you want and not having to be talked down to get viewers and followers. With that being said this week’s blog will be about a topic probably dear to some of you and some of you may not get it. Years ago while I was on vacation with my girlfriend at the time I mentioned that I can tell how a woman’s behind will be shaped. Whether it’s flat, or onion shaped or big and sloppy. I found a way just by looking at a woman while they are walking towards me to tell what shape their behind is. My accuracy is in the high 90% range and I’m gonna use my blog to explain my reasoning.

First let me break down the types of asses and what their differences are. Here is a list according to The Urban Journal there are five main types of booty: Onion Booty a.k.a “The Apple Bottom” – The Onion booty starts right where the lower back ends. The onion is more about roundness than it is about size. The ass immediately jumps off the arch of the lower back and begins to round. It rounds in a perfect arc until it gets to the midpoint, called the Ass Apex, where it starts to curve back into the thighs. When studying an Onion Booty, notice that there’s no difficulty in deciphering where the ass ends and the thighs begin. The reason for that is because the Onion Booty defies gravity by lifting itself away from the upper thigh. This is another characteristic unique to the Onion Booty.  The extreme roundness of the Onion Booty causes the depth of the ass crack to resemble that of a canyon or valley. You can see while she is walking, left cheek down, right cheek up, right cheek up, left cheek down. A 100% Onion Booty is the rarest of all asses and the hardest to keep in proper shape. An Onion Booty can easily become a Ghetto Booty or Disaster Butt with weight gain. A lot of women pay for Onion Booties and end up with a Ghetto Booty instead. The Onion Booty cannot be obtained by surgery, only by nature.

The Tear Dropper a.k.a. Cuff– The tear drop can either be good or bad, but its the slope of the behind that makes the difference. The tear drop has no roundness at the top and the bottom part has the thickness or the meat of the behind. That ass is full from the Ass Apex (Midpoint where booty reaches it’s roundness climax before curving into lower half of ass) down, and also thick towards the bottom as well. The behind doesn’t jump off the top of the lower back like the Onion Booty does. Notice that instead of going straight into the thigh, that ass separates very nicely from the thigh. It lifts away and upward from the thigh. This is a high quality Tear Dropper, and should be given the respect it deserves.The less appealing Tear Droppers are the ones that fail to have enough thickness at and below the Ass Apex.  Now the thing about the smaller Tear Droppers is that you must stay in shape. If you don’t keep your body tight, it’s going to look disgusting when the least amount of ass you have is sagging and all wrinkled and shriveled. Kind of like a Raisin.

The Ghetto Booty a.k.a. –GooottttddaaayuuummAccording to the article the Ghetto and Onion booty are often confused. One major difference is, unlike the Onion, the ghetto booty has a slope at the summit of the ass that comes from the density and weight of the ass. There’s no separation like the Onion Booties at the top of the page, or even like some of the Tear Droppers. This is OK though. Having ass at the top really helps the rounding shape, and Ghetto Booties have the highest Ass Apexes on the planet. If the Ghetto booty gains weight it won’t be thick anymore, it‘ll be fat. A Ghetto Booty is an ass that’s not only thick, but it also sits under a nice waist and above proportionally thick thighs. 

The Disappointer a.k.a. Lower Lower Back – Disappointers have a slope that continues all the way down the back to the upper thigh. Disappointers have absolutely no roundness to them whatsoever. The Ass Apex doesn’t exist, and there’s little to no separation between the ass and upper thigh because there isn’t much ass there to begin with. The misconception is that Disappointers are all small. This is entirely untrue. Disappointers come in all widths and lengths, they just lack any respectable depth. The booty cheeks are so thin that the asshole basically dangles with nothing to attach to. Even though the depth is absent you can find Disappointers with incredible width. That ass be wide but it don’t have not weight on it.

The Disaster Booty a.k.a. Ewwwww– Ass Implants can be the cause of Disaster Butt. A lot of women have hopes of obtaining a nice Ghetto Booty or maybe a Tear Dropper, but become a Disaster Butt Victim (DMV.) Disaster Butt is extremely unattractive, and it looks terrible no matter what angle you’re looking at it from. Its shape is not aesthetically pleasing at all, which is why it has earned it the nickname “The Asymmetrical Shitter.” The top of Disaster Butt is unlike any other ass out there. It’s lumpy, cottage cheese and a lot of the time you can’t even tell where the back ends and the ass begins. (See picture to the left.) These  are often covered with muffin top. The sides of Disaster Butt can be shaped any given way throughout the day. It’s been called “Play-Ass-Doe” and “Gumby Drawls” for it’s shape shifting ability. The side profile shows that there is no symmetrical roundness at all. Even after the Ass Apex. Actually the Ass Apex can be difficult to find on Disaster Butt, because just like with any other type of disaster, everything pretty much is evacuated.

Now that you know the different types of booty we are that much closer to the secret of how to tell if a woman has a onion or a disaster. A study from the University of Buenos Aires found out that 59% of men preferred women with big butts versus women with big boobs. Men were asked on a visual scale on what they thought was attractive in women. Another experiment used men’s eye movement and tracked them with a eye tracker. The tracker would find out where your eyes would be fixated the most. Why are we concerned with such research (other than the fun it probably brought to the researchers)? Evolutionary psychologists have been long-interested in male preferences for female traits, because those traits are thought to indicate a woman’s fertility.2 Whereas most studies focus on what makes specific body traits attractive, such as the waist-to-hip ratio, body mass index,3 or breast shape and size,4,5 little research has looked at individual preferences for specific traits. Although there is a lot of discussion about the “ultimate debate” of breasts versus butts, quantifiable research is limited. Perhaps quantifiable attractiveness ratings of female curves could be linked to male relationship and sexual behavior in future studies. Or, the preference for butts vs. breasts could be evaluated for changes over time or be used to look at differences in preference between cultures.

Confidence – To me this is an attributes of the female human body that says a lot. Unconsciously you can learn how a female’s day is going, what mood they’re in, if they are comfortable with their bodies. Women who are more confident tend to want to show the world their bodies. It doesn’t have to mean they’re being slutty or hoeish, it can just be there rejoicing in themselves the confidence they found or gained back. “Body language conveys the true emotion of how you feel,” Hoppe says. “And a lot of these movements are unconscious. We’re absolutely unaware that we’re doing it. We’re unaware that we’re walking a little slower than normal, we’re unaware that our shoulder are slumped…” –Huffington Post. – If you see a woman standing up straight with a confident stride , her walk often times gains the attention of her male counterparts. Since men are visual creatures a walk and how you walk is the first thing you see. When I want to see if a woman has a nice behind the first thing I notice is the walk. Does she take, long or short strides? Does she look comfortable in her own skin? is her skin and face glowing, science has shown confidence and a smile is like a afrodisiac to men. Ladies try to take slower paced longer strides to make themselves look more confident and walk lifting up instead of putting the weight all on your waist. If you typically have pain in your hips this could be an issue with your walk.

Jiggle Factor -Another important part of telling if a woman has a big behind if their walking towards you is if you can see the amount of jiggle in their walk. That’s why the walk is important, the “Jiggle Factor” depends on the lean-to fat ratio in a woman’s body. While the medical world wants woman at a low lean to fat ratio, (between 10% – 32%) to me this amount is for stick figure women or living mannequins. I don’t like mannequins, contrary to popular belief if you exercise and eat healthy you can keep a full figure curvaceous body live a able-bodied lifestyle and be sensual and sexy. The ratio I look for is from 32% to 40% lean-to fat ratio. Within this parameter you have a nice amount of body fat. Any more than that then women tend to look overweight, I feel all women are beautiful and me being honest I like my women thick, but not overweight. The way I like to describe the jiggle factor is it’s just like sonar. Much like how bats make sound and the sound waves bounce back from a object, the bat can tell the location of the obstacle and mass of the object (echolation). Seeing the jiggle wave when a woman walks travel from the calf to the upper thigh can help assess the thickness of the leg muscle and density as well. I tend to see if the woman is skinny the wave is a short spurt and travels fast up the legs. On thicker women the wave resembles more of a flowing ocean current. Sometimes if the stride in their walk has enough force and what the woman is wearing is thinner that a cotton material (silk, nylon) you can see the jiggle through the material. This is a good indicator that the woman will have a strong round behind. Also the front part of the leg where the muscle is should show the form and shape with mid level jiggle

Body Type– One measure that can be used is a woman’s body type and the ratio of body fat in the waist, hips, thighs and legs. One thing I will note is if I see a woman’s waist from the front,  I also look for good symmetry between the waist and hip area with good proportion to the upper thigh. If you were to take a marker and draw a straight line up from a woman’s knee to her waist. What you want to see is outside the line is a flat plain forming into a small raised hill. Think of what an obtuse angle looks like. Dr. David Holmes of the University of Manchester a psychologist found that 72% of men prefer curvacious women over skinny women. Even 61% of women when asked as well prefer curves over skinny women. Holmes proposed a set a measurements that he feels with attestation trigger the male hormonal system because they represent the healthiest and most fertile form. In his claims, he says the ideal breast size is DD or E especially if it combined with a hip, waist and thigh height ratio. “The human curve has come to represent the healthiest and most fertile form, highlighting the most suitable breeding partner and has evolved to be universally attractive to males for that reason.” -Holmes

Disclaimer-While these views and attitudes do no reflect my own. I felt it was useful to show some if any scientific basis on the relationship between body symmetry and attraction.

Thigh ratio (thigh measurement divided by height)– (0.28-0.3=5), (0.27 to 0.31=4), (0.32 to 0.35=3), (0.36 to 0.38=2), other =1.

Hip-Waist Ratio(circumference of your waist divided by hips)– (0.75=5), (0.65 or 0.75=4), (0.32 to 0.35=3), (0.36 to 0.38=2), (other=1)

Body Curve Line Smooth unbroken curves=5, Trunk bust and thighs curve into each other =4, Waist/Hips or bust/waist lack concave curves=3, Waist/Hips and Bust/Waist lack any concave curves=2, Straight lines and Bulges=1

Body Symmetry- Symmetrical=5, Some Facial distinctions=4, Minor Body and Face distinctions=3, Notable Distinctions=2, Very Individual character and appearance=1

Clothes- One thing that cannot be overlooked is how clothing can accentuate a woman’s natural curves. Ladies keeps these tips in mind when looking to attract a potential partner. One thing you should always keep in mind is what your body type is and then dress to compliment your particular body. For pear-shaped women to accentuate those curves you should wear loose-fitting and flowing jeans to cover your thighs. Use tops that are long or short but won’t cover your hip area. Emphasize your slender neck by picking out cowl necks or square neck lines. Pick out skirts with a straight cut – none of the balloon types. This gives the illusion that you have a smaller waist with shapely hips. Diamond shaped bodies usually have a shorter stature slim shoulders, small breasts and slender hips and thighs. Wearing bulky will emphasis your bottom and make you look shorter. Wear loose fitted clothes that are loose enough at the hips. Choose funky tops with puffed sleeves, low necklines and pocket to divert their attention to your upper body area.

Round body types are usually big in the bust, chest, back with slender hips and legs. The best feature for this body type is your legs so focus on them. Also wear V-necklines to show off a narrower neckline. A pencil cut skirt would be nice to cover your waist and show off those legs.For women with straight shapes, their main problem is the proportioned upper and lower body build, average breasts, flat bottom and slim legs. A long jacket can help make your torso look longer.  Low necklines such as V-neck tops can accentuate your neck. Straight skirts will help accentuate your legs.

Women with inverted triangle shapes usually have problems in the upper torso area. They usually have a medium chest area, narrow hips with slender long legs. Your biggest assets are your hips and long legs. Wearing flared pants or wide skirts to help even out your shoulders. Low Waist skirts will help show off those hips and accessorizing can also help as well.

Now, I’ve talked a lot how to tell if a woman has a nice butt or not just simply by walking towards me and using the stride in the walk, the jiggle factor, confidence and clothes to tell what they might look like from the back. One thing I should mention to ladies out there who are full-figured I found a fitness professional by the name of Anowa Adjah a.k.a “The Nigerian Powerhouse”. She also calls herself the “First Full Figured Fitness Phenomenon” and once you see her testimonials from her clients ya’ll understand why she makes them feel beautiful on the inside and out. Anowa being a full-figured woman herself knows what the impossible task of trying to fit into cookie cutter skinny molded perception that women are told they have to be. Anowa offers a range of different classes and services from a “full body curve down” workout program, personal training, nutrition counseling, Pre-Natal/Post Pregnancy Workouts, motivational speaking and workouts tailored for teenagers and young children. Oh Yeah us men too are not left out. With a motto like “Lose the weight, not the curves” and DVD’s and Products you can purchase online I’m sure this is just a matter of time before this blows up.

In conclusion, those ocular receptors we call eyes can process, quantify and abstract information within milliseconds. You can flash an image of a man dressed, wearing khakis, a blue dress shirt and glasses and faster than lightning can strike and we can still distinctively tell what we saw when the image of the dressed man next to another dressed man wearing a different outfit. I bring that up to give you an idea of how fast a man can tell the distinguishable curves on a woman. So in the few seconds it takes to see a beautiful walking I can see the confidence in the walk and see that the person is not slouching or speeding walking.  The stride naturally gliding along in a straight line shows the leg muscle indentations and definition. The wave that pulsates upward from the hard surface. While the wave is going up it also shows if and curvatures on the side of the hips. This is what you’re looking for when measuring the shape of a behind.

Usually if the walk has a lot of bounce to it, they have a “Ghetto Booty”. If the walk stride ends with the lower buttocks muscle/fat being pushed up and out while the upper buttocks has little to no movement, then more likely they have a Tear Drop Booty. The Onion Booty is firm from being fit and healthy. Since the cheeks have equally distribution in all four quadrants upper/left, lower/left, upper/right and lower/right and equal roundness the stride in the walk will show this. As you would guess the disaster booties and the other figures that have no behind shows when they walk. There is no side hip extension motion. The area that pertrudes out to show the “Obtuse Hil” I mentioned before will not be there. So now that you know my secrets go out there and test my theory out and let me know your accuracy. Ohhh try not to stare too hard or too long……it’ll make you look creepy