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In the age of social media and where youtube views going viral is the only important thing going in the teenage mind nowadays. What happens when something is written that could have remained just  thought in your head. Or maybe a violent visual could have not been seen. Nowadays a posting on facebook/instagram can lead to jail time and videos with guns as props will bring charges as well.

Most recently a group in Virginia calling themselves the “Stain Gang” were recently arrested for weapons possession and trespassing. The Stain Gang were recording a rap video which featured them waving guns and even driving a stolen vehicle at the time. The vehicle in the video matches the description of one stolen in the area at the time of the video, but has yet to been positively I’d . Hampton police spotted the gang which consists of three individuals whom only one is of legal age, driving on the property of a local Boys and Girls club.

I agree these young men should feel some weight under the law,maybe some community service a few mandatory programs they have to be in accordance with. Here is where I really am struggling with the law once again. Some states and politicians want to put rap lyrics into the court room as admissable pieces of evidence. At the beginning of the year there was a trial in the Supreme Court of New Jersey. The case that made this new breakthrough involved a man named Vonte Skinner who was involved in a shooting back in 2005. When the trial occured in 2008 the prosecution used 13 pages of rap lyrics written by Mr. Skinner in their case, even though these lyrics were written years before the crime happened.

In the hood, I am a threat / It’s written on my arm and signed in blood on my Tech” — a reference to a Tec-9 handgun. “I’m in love with you, death.” These were some of the lines mentioned in the trial, and eye witnesses who changed their stories more then Aesop’s fables reimagined the jury found Skinner guilty of attempted murder and sentenced him to 30 years. Luckily for Skinner in 2012 the court’s decision was overturned in light of the rap lyrics should have not been admitted into court. “We have a significant doubt about whether the jurors would have found defendant guilty if they had not been required to listen to the extended reading of these disturbing and highly prejudicial lyrics.” The state appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court.

In that year alone there were 18 cases with similar circumstances where 80% of them were allowed to use rap lyrics as evidence. The common tactic is using the rap lyrics as a autobiography even when most of the time Rappers use rap names and use their fictional stories as first person narrations embellishments of a harsh, loveless lifestyle where money, sex, violence are the tools and power and fame are the goals. At the same time does anyone think of Michael Jackson as an actual “Smooth Criminal” or the Rihanna shot a man down in her song “Man Down” or even Eminem’s many songs about killing his ex-wife.

In the 1990′s the issue was brought up by Stuart Fischoff a psychologist at the California State University of Los Angeles. A study found that when individuals were read violent rap lyrics by the suspect versus when they were not read, the jury were more likely swayed into thinking the suspect was guilty even when they were all presented with the same biographical information. Unfortunately in Nevada in a case under the same circumstances the use of the rap lyrics as evidence was upheld in court. In his memoir Decoded, hip-hop star Jay-Z wrote, “The art of rap is deceptive. It seems so straightforward and personal and real that people read it completely literally, as raw testimony or autobiography.” As Nielson and his research partner Charis Kubrin note in their paper, “Rap on Trial,” “If rap lyrics are treated as mere diaries or journals, no special skill or training is necessary to analyze them, and consequently juries may hear false or misleading testimony about rap from witnesseswho lack the basic qualifications to offer it.”

If your a believer in the first amendment than you are more likely to be on the side of the using all lyrics in music for prosecution purposes. One test done back in 1996 used violent song lyrics and told one group they were country song lyrics, while telling another group they were folk song lyrics and then the last group was told they lyrics came from a rap song. Not surprising to me at all, the group who thought they were reading rap lyrics found them more offensive and a bigger threat to society than the folk and country song lyrics. It seems stereotypes control perception and this is dangerous when thinking of using rap lyrics in court that will be used to convict someone. “I’m just not convinced that using traditionally white forms, for example country music, or using novels against white authors would work,” Nielson says. “There is something about rap music that gives it this special treatment. It’s been negated as an art form.”

It’s not just rap lyrics creating controversy, but postings on your favorite social media site ,maybe used in court against you as well. Could an instagram pic you post  end up with 142 counts of felony charges ? If you’re a man named Dupree Johnson in Florida then that’s a yes. The Sheriff in Palm Beach County, Fla. viewed Johnson page and had known he had a rap sheet consisting of grand theft, burglary and felony possession of a firearm.  After seeing the pics the sheriff put together  search warrant for Johnson’s home in Lake Worth, Fla. The police confiscated a glock, a stolen tec-9 9mm pistol, electronics, firearms and $250,000 dollars in stolen jewelry. The police believe Johnson may been involved as many as 40 burglaries and 55 others in Boynton Beach, Fla. Johnson is behind bars in lieu of $60,000 bail and his Instagram page “Duce22ceritfied” is no longer working.

Here’s another story to let you know how easy for someone to get caught is through social media. A man in Pa. posted a picture of himself mocking police, but the joke was on him when he was caught. Anthony J. Lescowitch Jr. 35 was wanted for aggravated assault and other charges from back in July in Freeland. The borough police weren’t having any luck finding him so they posted a picture of him on the department’s facebook page and within three minutes he was found. Here’s where things get stupid, Lescowitch himself posted the pic mocking his own picture.  The police then knew they had his attention so they posed as a female on facebook and gained Lescowitch trust to began a conversation that lasted 30 minutes and enough information was gathered to lead to an arrest. Lescowitch was charged with assault for an incident back in July 14 2013  when four individuals used physical force on the victim and then he was robbed for $53 dollars and then the victims ATM card was used later for a withdrawal of $100 dollars.



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Man Pulls Gun On Clerk Over Soda Tax 

Nahshon Shelton pulled a gun on a store clerk Saturday because he did not want to pay a 22-cent soda tax on a two-liter of Pepsi he was purchasing. The 36-year-old allegedly took a blue-steel Intratec .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun out of a Gucci satchel and threatened to kill everyone in the store, reports NBC Chicago. Read more.

Drake Reportedly Being Sued For $300K Over ‘Pound Cake’ Opening Sample

According to TMZ, Drake is reportedly being sued for more than $300,000 for failing to properly attribute the opening monologue on his song “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2″ from his most recent album, “Nothing Was The Same.” The Jay Z-assisted track begins with a spoken-word section from the song “Jimmy Smith Rap,” recorded by jazz musician Jimmy Smith in 1982. Despite Smith’s death in 2005, his estate claims that Drake never received…

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Originally posted on Variety:

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is the subject of a new documentary called “Kobe Bryant’s Muse” on Showtime, which will air this fall.

The project, directed by Gotham Chopra, is currently filming in Los Angeles and will offer an in-depth look into the life, inspirations and challenges facing one of the most successful and complex figures in professional sports.

“As a lifelong Boston Celtics fan, never did I imagine I would collaborate with Laker great Kobe Bryant,” said Chopra.   “Kobe’s quest for greatness transcends rivalries and I’m excited by his and SHOWTIME’s willingness to go down this rabbit hole together.  I’m confident audiences will be intrigued by what comes out the other side.”

The documentary will examine Bryant’s storied basketball career, detailing his mentorships, allies and rivalries that have helped shape his 18-year tenure in the NBA, in addition to his recent achilles heel surgery which kept him out…

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(AllHipHop News) The house that Wu built is quickly crumbling. Today (April 17th), Raekwon explains his rift with RZA, says he’s on a strike from Wu-Tang Clan and more in a recent interview with  Rolling Stone .

Yesterday (April 16th), RZA told VladTV that one of the holdups with Wu Tang Clan’s 20th anniversary album A Better Tomorrow is Raekwon’s unavailability. According to RZA he has not had a chance to talk to The Chef, a claim that Raekwon calls a “bold-faced lie”:

I don’t know why he said he didn’t speak to me, because he did speak to me. We spoke about two weeks ago. It was me, him, his brother and business partner Devine and we talked about why I’m not there right now. They know where I’m at and at the end of the day, him saying he didn’t speak to me is a bold-faced lie.

Throughout the…

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So scary! Columbus Short’s wife has filed for a divorce after the ‘Scandal’ star allegedly attacked her and threatened to kill her and then commit suicide.

Columbus Short, who plays Harrison Wright on the hit ABC show Scandal, allegedly got into a violent altercation with his wife, Tuere Short, at their Los Angeles home on April 7. TMZ has obtained a new restraining order Tuere filed against Columbus and the details are truly disturbing. 

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A warrant has been issued for the arrest of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams stemming from her altercation with castmate Kenya Moore during the taping of  the “RHOA” reunion show.

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Williams has been charged with misdemeanor battery and will turn herself in on April 17, according to her attorney Joe Habachy.

As previously reported by NewsOneMoore allegedly “brought sex toys to the reunion taping to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality and she couldn’t take it anymore,” said an anonymous eyewitness. Moore had been insinuating all season long that Williams’ soon-t0-be ex-husband and former NFL star, Kordell Stewart, was in fact a gay man and that he had married his beard.

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According to the eyewitness, Williams could no longer stand Moore’s trash talking and  “…beat the…

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Gov. Cuomo cracking down on teens texting while driving

(NEW JERSEY) — A teenage boy sent nude pictures and sexually explicit videos of his ex-girlfriend to another girl, police said.

Now, both the sender and recipient have been charged with distributing child pornography.

After receiving the texts, the girl then showed other juveniles, and may have possibly posted them to social media.

Cops are expecting additional arrests and charges to be made.

Now both the sender and the recipient are charged with distributing child pornography, authorities said.

Anyone with information or questions about the investigation is encouraged to call detectives at (973) 256-0200.

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Dr. Dre Increases Wealth By $200 Million, Moves Ahead Of Jay Z On “Forbes Five” List.

Domino’s Launches Pizza With Chicken Crust « WiLD 94.1.


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